The Words of the Yang Family

Last Minute Matters re Korea Tour

January 27, 2000
TO: Regional Directors, Tour Coordinators
FM: Dr. Yang / T. Hendricks

We received questions and so we want to clarify the policies that have been set. Donıt worry if you forgot them; some of us forgot them too.

Payment policy for members going to Korea:

Mrs. Erikawa and Dr. Yang are taking responsibility to guarantee coverage of the Blessing 2000 tour fee, as explained below, for the following four categories of participants:

1. Good quality minister couples. Good quality means that they have a church building and congregation, are active (not too old) and in good health. This includes leaders of all faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Scientology, etc. 2. Young couples of all faiths‹in particular these should be American couples, white and black. 3. Our new matched contacts, mainly the contacts of the Japanese missionaries. 4. The Regional Directors, Vice-Regional Directors and Tour Coordinators.

Dr. Yang has amplified three points:

1. For all other members, second generation, matching candidates and matched people, the tour fee is the same as that of the ministers. For each of these people, Magnus must receive the entire amount on or before February 1. 2. For Regional Directors, Vice-RDs, any Regional Ministersı Tour Coordinators who are not Vice-RDs, they still have to pay the tour fee of $150. The $150 must be received by Magnus on or before February 1. 3. If that was bad news, here is the good news: Dr. Yang is EXPANDING the category of Tour Coordinator to include a STATE LEVEL Tour Coordinator for each state. This could be the State Leader or it could be another person. This person will be responsible for future ministers work in the state. These people also have to have the $150 in by February 1, and the national fund will cover the remainder of their costs.

Regional Christian Minister Tour Coordinators

Here is our understanding of who the Regional Tour Coordinators are:

Washington DC: Mrs. Debbie Taylor; New York: Rev. Yasuhiro Hori; New Jersey: Rev. Carol Pobanz; Boston: Mrs. Andrea Higashibaba; Ohio: Rev. John Morris; Atlanta: Mrs. Marilyn Eaton; Florida: Gunther Freystatter; Chicago: Evang. Yukimi Lemont; Minneapolis: Mrs. Nadia Chang; Dallas: Rev. John Jackson; Denver: Rev. Peggy Yujiri; Seattle: Rev. David Malloch; San Francisco: Mrs. Roberta Burson; Los Angeles: Rev. Godwin d'Silva; Canada: Mr. Abdlayne Wone

You have to designate who the State level coordinators are.

Regional Directors, Vice RDs, and Regional and State Tour Coordinators will serve as hotel coordinators and bus captains in Korea, and possibly in other staff positions.


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