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Blessing 2000 in Korea Important Planning and Preparation Memo #2

January 15, 2000
To: Regional Directors and Vice-Directors, Minister Tour Coordinators
Fr: Chang Shik Yang

Hello to everyone. This memo reflects the results of this morningıs conference call.


Mrs. Erikawa and I are taking responsibility to guarantee coverage of the Blessing 2000 tour fee, as explained below, for the following four categories of participants:

1. Good quality minister couples. Good quality means that they have a church building and congregation, are active (not too old) and in good health. This includes leaders of all faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Scientology, etc.

2. Young couples of all faiths‹in particular these should be American couples, white and black.

3. Our new matched contacts, mainly the contacts of the Japanese missionaries.

4. The Regional Directors, Vice-Regional Directors and Tour Coordinators.


1. The matching form so that the person can indicate how much they will pay and request the remainder as a grant from the FFWPU. Then the web-site form has to indicate how much the FFPWU is expected to pay.

2. By entering the registration on the web-site, the Regional Director is vouching for the quality of the person. Please make sure that the Regional Director is aware of all those who are going to Korea and approves of them all.

3. Matching candidates, including second generation, still are responsible to pay the $2,000 blessing fee.

4. Other members who are going must pay their own way (or the region supports them). However, these members are asked to agree to serve as staff‹for example, as a bus captain. Even second generation candidatesı parents must agree to serve in this way if needed.


The purpose for Mrs. Erikawa and I taking this financial responsibility is so that everyone else can focus on inviting ministers and couples. Confirm guests! Confirm ministers! Confirm couples! Confirm our members! The Tour Coordinators are not supposed to have other major jobs to do (such as the banquet). You are supposed to have blinders on and just focus on the Blessing 2000 mobilization.

At the same time, please encourage the guests to give at least $150. Many ministers are giving more than that, even $500 and $1,000 or more, especially in Chicago. One Chicago minister, Rev. Thomas Jackson, is bringing 15 couples from his church. If you find a fertile minister like that, then please give him some financial support for his work.

Work first with the ministers who attended the hoon dok hae conferences in Washington, DC. Try to set up strong ministers in each state. This should be a fifty-state movement for the sake of the future providence.

Please work together as possible with your ACC members and other elder members in the community. And you can give support to the ACC people who are working to get proclamations and letters of congratulations for the birthday (Thatıs the one exception to the above "mobilization only" rule.)

The minimum for each state should be five couples going to Korea. Identify, with your Regional Director, a Tour Coordinator in each state. Ideally it is the State Leader, but it doesnıt have to be. Work in the big cities and also the small towns where we have members.

Since our goal is lower and the finances are covered, we are stressing quality over quantity.

The follow-up plan and vision is to create hoon dok hae conferences in every state, on the foundation of the ministers who go to Blessing 2000. Then we can develop a hoon dok hae association nationwide, with 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 churches in each state. This is True Fatherıs goal for America.


1. Headquarters asks that each qualified person cover a minimum of $150. This means that the maximum grant from headquarters is as follows:

East Coast, Midwest and Rocky Mountains:

Travel option B: 3 nights & 4 days, cost $1,065 / headquarters: $915

California, Oregon and Washington only: Travel option B: 3 nights & 4 days, cost $910 / headquarters: $760

Any persons choosing travel option A must pay the entire difference themselves; headquarters will not provide a larger grant for those choosing option A.

Of course, we hope that many ministers and matching candidates will not need to utilize the entire grant.

Regions should send payment money to GWT. GWT has to inform headquarters how much grant money is necessary. Then headquarters will pay the necessary grant.

2. Please submit tour registrations as soon as you have them. Go-World Travel (GWT) can process them as they come in and that will save them last-minute problems. Also it will save us trouble, because they will be able to deal with mistakes or gaps in the information in a timely fashion. The absolute deadline for registering is January 27.

3. Remember that you are responsible to submit the tour registrations not only for the ministers and church couples, but for our matching candidates and our members, including second generation candidates and their parents.

4. This means that the tour will include the itinerary necessary for matched people and second generation (i.e., attending the holy wine ceremony). This means that EVERYONE attending from North America is included in the GTW package.

5. Wedding dresses: The basic idea is that each bride bring her own wedding dress. If that is difficult, they at least should bring a very nice white dress. They should be able to receive veils and hand bouquets in Korea, as in the past.


1. The number represents an individual, so if you have 30 couples and 10 individuals going then you have a total of 70.

2. The total should include all four categories. Please include all four categories in your reports from now on. Overall we expect 600 members and 1,400 non-members in the group of 2,000.

3. The original goals were made according to the number of members in each region. The new goals are made with an eye also to the actual results accomplished by each region so far. Chicago set 700 as their goal by themselves, but we wonder if that is possible. Atlantaıs goal is higher than before because of their good results. All the other goals are significantly lower.

4. Each Region is responsible to make their own state goals.

Region - Former Goal - Present Result - New Goal

1 Washington DC 585 72 200

2 New York 844 21 250

3 New Jersey 524 17 160

4 Boston 151 7 40

5 Columbus 112 0 30

6 Atlanta 131 41 150

7 Miami 81 11 80

8 Chicago 278 97 400

9 Minneapolis 74 12 60

10 Dallas 108 16 80

11 Denver 117 6 50

12 Seattle 232 12 80

13 San Francisco 272 20 160

14 Los Angeles 347 10 160

15 Montreal 31

16 Toronto 71 5 100

17 Vancouver 43

Total 4,000 2,000


Saturday, January 15, 2000, 9 p.m. EST


Saturday, January 15, 2000, 10 p.m. EST


Monday, January 17, 11 p.m. EST


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