The Words of the Yang Family

Let's Fulfill Our Mission as Clan Messiah

Chang Shik Yang
May 29, 2013
Special Lecture at Chung Pyung

On the 2nd day of the '2013 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune' a special lecture was done by Rev. Chang Shik Yang, President, FFWPU-Korea, in the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace). Rev. Yang conveyed True Father's words in America which was his last wish on this earth and encouraged all the unification family brothers and sisters to fulfill their mission as Clan Messiah and do witnessing really well. (Edited: Department of Education and Planning, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center)

I'm glad to see you all. I'm amazed of seeing so many members of the unification family.

Earlier, Dae Mo Nim emphasized to do witnessing through her words and True Mother also says whenever we meet her, "When and how are we going to get the message out to the world? That True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have had come to this earth?" She is thinking about this day and night.

Just recently, True Mother visited Western America and encouraged the development of the past 4 years of True Father's accomplishments and also had a time to visit the headquarters of the Mormonism in the state Utah.

The People of Utah who bled to protect Chung Pyung Holy Ground

(Showing a photograph) This is the headquarters of Mormonism that True Mother visited. This is a scene where True Mother is welcomed by the members of Mormonism.

(Showing other photographs) This is True Mother offering a flower at the Commemorative Monument in honor ex-service men of Korean War. There is a village where 600 of its men joined the Korean War and everyone came back unharmed. Where did they battle the enemy? They battled here in Gappyeong. That is why you can say that these people bled to protect the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. This is True Mother thanking each ex-service men. Let's offer our great applause to these worthy men.

Let's notify the humanity about True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

We must witness. Who will proclaim that True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind had already arrived here on this earth? If we went to the spirit world without doing this then we will be persecuted in the spirit world. To fulfill that mission, even when we are asleep we have to strive to convey this news of joy to the people of the world. It's because True Parents is not just for us but they are the True Parents for the people.

We are able to liberate our ancestors in the spirit world. That is why if we liberate the people on earth through witnessing then the path of liberating their ancestors will be open as well.

So once again, we all must make a resolution right now. True Mother especially emphasized the roles for blessed wives. I ask all the blessed wives to engrave the sincere wish of True Mother in your hearts once again.

I would like to show you a very meaningful photograph. This is a photograph of True Father who was at Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, last year July 14 who offered his final sincere devotion. On this day True Father already foresaw many things. He said, "Let's visit all the important providential sites in Las Vegas". After visiting all the places at 2:00 pm he said, "Let's visit Hoover Dam". Then at Hoover Dam True Father, for over several hours, talked about his activities for over 40 years in America and other providential tasks.

True Father's Will "Fulfill your mission as Clan Messiah"

Please look at this photograph. This is not my hand. This is your hand, the hands of all the blessed families in the world, True Father is holding your hand and asking you. "You must complete your mission as a Clan Messiah. You must accomplish heaven's providence and God's Will". I never thought that those words would have been True Father's last Will on this earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to understand that True Father and True Mother who is here is holding your hand and saying, "Together let's complete the mission as Clan Messiah and stand in the forefront to establish Cheon Il Guk by the year 2020". The resolutions that we make today will acknowledge True Parents. With all the liberated ancestors in the spirit world we must declare that we will become courageous people who will establish Cheon Il Guk on this earth. 

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