The Words of the Yang Family from 2008 to 2013

The Realization of Cheon Il Guk

Chang Shik Yang
May 5, 2013
Overall Chairman of FFWPU-Korea
Joint Sunday Service
Cheongshim Peace World Center

Respected elder leaders, ministers, blessed families, brothers and sisters who have joined us today via webcast from all over the world, good morning! Ohayo! First of all, I would like to thank you all for the tremendous efforts put into your providential missions for the victory of Vision 2020. The queen of the seasons, spring, has reached its climax here in Chung Pyung, the restored Garden of Eden. I pray for the abundant blessings of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents to be with all the Korean members, Japanese members and members from the rest of the world participating today!

Let us first read something True Father said.

Jesus gave the key to the kingdom of heaven to Peter before he ascended. Today the key to the kingdom of heaven is the family church. Following the model of the twelve tribes, I set up 360-home churches. Jesus said, "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

In the same way, you must comprehend that if you do not realize or loose the family church, the kingdom of heaven will never be realized in heaven. That is why I am giving all Unificationists the key to the kingdom of heaven -- home church.
The Victory of Family Church p. 61

This is what True Mother said during the kick-off for the Korean Church Leaders General Assembly:

We have the responsibility to live a life of practice. Now is a time when actions should come before words. We have to raise every single life with a parental heart, taking care of people day and night. Father's last wish to us before his ascension was for us to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs.

These were Father's earnest final words to all of you just before his ascension. Therefore, it is important that all pastors and members unite and testify about True Parents to the 7 billion people on Earth. You must proclaim and educate others. What is there to be afraid of when heaven is with us?

Three Directions to Accomplish of Vision 2020

Loving brothers and sisters, Vision 2020 is a project, directly led by True Mother, focused on first restoring forty-three countries in front of Heaven among the 194 countries by what would have been True Father's hundredth birthday in 2020. This is the vision we must accomplish through the seven-year course starting in the first year of Cheon Il Guk.

Today, as we celebrate this historic global kick-off for the victory of Vision 2020, I will first talk about how we will work together to realize this vision. Then, I will take some time to introduce activities presently being carried out in Korea and elsewhere.

1. From Charismatic to Systematic Leadership

Loving brothers and sisters, we have successfully dedicated Foundation Day, the great reformative turning point, unprecedented in our history and are now living in an era after Foundation Day, just as history divides the time before and after Jesus using BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, Latin for "year of the Lord").

By perfecting, completing and concluding the providential history of restoration through indemnity, True Parents, who substantially came for the sake of those living two thousand years after Jesus, proclaimed the first year of Cheon Il Guk, the original heavenly kingdom. This was done through the recent Foundation Day events.

True Father was born in 1920 and followed the path of the Messiah, humanity's savior, alone for forty years until 1960. Through his Holy Wedding to True Mother in 1960, they ascended to the position of humanity's True Parents and began to follow the path of national and global salvation in earnest; that is, True Parents' forty-year course to liberate God and to bring salvation to humanity had begun.

Finally, the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship was dedicated on January 13, 2001, and the twelve-year course as the Universal Peace King and Queen toward the establishment of Cheon Il Guk began. Upon successfully completing the course, we were all able to welcome Foundation Day this January 13. We are now all breathing and living in a new history after Foundation Day. We can now attend True Parents two dimensionally; this is, both in heaven and on earth, and we are now completing the first phase of the seven-year course and are moving toward 2020.

Today, I would like to emphasize the three principles and directions our movement must follow for the victory of Vision 2020 in the presence of our substantial True Parents. The first direction is a change from a charismatic leadership to a systematic one.

The word charismata, as mentioned in Romans 12 and I Corinthians 12:2 refers to absolute authority bestowed by the Holy Spirit on someone. Therefore, charismatic leadership is a leadership style where we depend upon one person with absolute authority.

We have absolutely obeyed the teachings of our True Parents and followed God's will until now. True Parents have been on the providential front line leading us in accord with Heaven's will. It is true that we have accomplished our providential goals with great concentration and absolute faith. The absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience we have had in True Parents' absolute charisma in the process of the providential history of restoration through indemnity has become the essence of our faith.

However, we have now ushered in an era of new change through Foundation Day. Our mission after Foundation Day is the realization of Cheon Il Guk through our missions as tribal messiahs, Father's last wish, left to us in his final prayer. Simply put, the era when absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience were emphasized is transitioning to an era where we must realize the heavenly will in all corners of the world. The era when followers take the responsibility has truly begun. The Family Pledge phrase "owners of Cheon Ii Guk" also shows that the era of the blessed families' portion of the responsibility has begun in earnest. The charismatic system used in the restorative process until now is transitioning into a new era of leadership established through systems that require a thorough master plan in order to practice the True Parents' detailed instructions on earth.

Before Foundation Day, Father drew up a large plan for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk and led the providence charismatically. True Mother's first call as the founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was for us to make churches overflowing with the Holy Spirit, the truth and true love. Meanwhile, she has been working on realizing Father's large plan in detail. She has changed the church's name to the FFWPU, and Heavenly Father's name to Heavenly Parent. She has established the Cheon Il Guk national bird, the national flower and the national anthem, which recounts twelve main aspects of Cheon Il Guk.

Brothers and sisters, did you notice that the lyrics of verses one to four of the Cheon II Guk national anthem, which True Mother set, includes the key words of the twelve concept of Cheon it Guk? Key words include roses, lilies, the five great oceans and six continents, the cosmos, Eok-mansei, reign of peace, Cheon Il Guk, a thousand-year-old crane, the True Parents, eternal life, utopia, freedom, peace, unification and happiness.

Furthermore, a revised Cheon Seong Gyeong, which includes the essential teachings of the Cheon Il Guk twelve- year course, has been completed under the supervision of Rev. Young Hwi Kim and Rev. Jae Seok Lee, great Divine Principle teachers in our Unification community. The revised version will soon be available. Projects including the compilation of the 365 main speeches that True Parents gave during their global speaking tours, including the Peace Messages, a compilation of providential lessons and True Parents' lives in their own words as expressed in their sermons are ongoing day and night.

All these projects were undertaken for the realization of Cheon II Guk, a long-term major project that True Mother pledged to accomplish in front of True Father's holy body with the True Children before True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony.

Brothers and sisters, let us all offer applause to show our gratitude to True Mother, who is leading the construction of the great Cheon Il Guk without rest. [Applause]

It is as if the Unification community were moving into a new house designed by Father with Mother in charge of the interior design, including turning the switches on, activating the systems, arranging the furniture in each room, putting up curtains and wallpaper, selecting artwork for the walls, and other details. True Mother even has provided a clear, precise way for Sunday school students to pray and has been emphasizing the basis of our faith by implementing Hoon Dok Hae in each family, among other things.

She is working to expand a system that can embed the providential tradition for eternity. True Mother is planning to establish a cultural hall for second-generation members and a museum that will depict the lives of the True Parents, a gift that will become an eternal one for humanity. In order to achieve this, Mother personally visited the headquarters of a religious group in the western United States that has members globally. From Father's charismatic leadership of various rallies centered on proclamations, Mother is now leading the establishment of a system that can realize Father's desire in detail, just as a tailor sews one stitch after the other.

Today's systematic era puts more emphasis on scientific data than intangible prediction; it is also an era where communication has become essential and one-sided instructions are displaced by dual exchange through Simple Notification Service (SNS) and other high-tech methods. What we will do today and tomorrow has become predictable through the systematic era we live in today, in which the whole globe moves together in real time through such tools as the internet and Facebook. This era matches the prediction in the Book of Revelation declaring that information from the east will be conveyed to the west in real time. Even at this moment, brothers and sisters from 194 nations are transcending space; they are here now with our True Parents in the Cheongshim Peace World Center.

Teamwork is essential in a systematic era. That is why all corporations use team-oriented business systems. Only when the home group movement greatly expands like yeast through teamwork can the task given to us by Heaven become possible. Therefore, it is important that all members rally every single one of their capabilities toward this task. In the systematic era we must muster all of our God-given talents to carry out heavenly instructions. Each one of us is an individual truth body and is like a treasure in God's eyes. So we must serve each other as though we are serving Heaven. We call this sainyeocheon. Jesus made two requests just before he was crucified. The first was that we love one another. The second was to spread the word to the ends of the Earth. True Mother asked that we build churches overflowing with the Holy Spirit, the truth and true love. Yes. The Unification Church used to be a church overflowing with love. It was a legendary church where people were moved by the word "member" itself and where a person would voluntarily walk dozens of kilometers just to meet another member and to embrace each other in tears. Even those who looked down on our church as a cult would wonder what made Unification Church members so happy and full of confidence. It was a church filled with true love, where members shared whatever they had even if they had immediate difficulty finding their next meal. If you all agree to True Mother's command that we return to the original faith shared in the early days when everyone was filled with passion, please shout Aju! Please look at the member sitting next to you. Loudly say to each other, I love you! I love you! I love you!

This is the proud identity of our faith within the Family Federation. If you agree, please shout Aju! Aju! Hallelujah!

2) From a Pastor-Centered Ministry to Member-Conducted Ministry

The second direction we must all take in the era after Foundation Day concerning church management is the transition from a pastor-centered ministry to member-conducted ministry. A minister was True Parents' representative and was like a shepherd that must convey True Parents' desire properly and guide members on the path of the Principle. In the era before Foundation Day, members only waited for instructions from the headquarters to come through the minister. As a result, many of us maintained a faith that moved when the minister moved and rested when the minister rested. I was quite shocked when I went on a tour in the provinces. Even though a church with only a few members at Sunday services had a strong foundation to rally enough people to fill a bus on Father's instructions. If Father asked twenty thousand people to rally, twenty thousand would rally. If he asked for fifty thousand, they came. Even if Father's instruction came twenty-four hours before, it was always possible to rally the number of people asked for to an event in Korea. This has been the stance of Korean members. This happened after the Cheongshim Peace World Center opened. Father was flying from Las Vegas to Korea, and I was fortunate to attend him on the way. While still mid-air, above the Pacific Ocean, Father suddenly instructed that he would give a speech and that the Cheongshim Peace World Center had to be completely full.

Members in Korea had only nine hours until the actual event. Father called Rev. Salk, then the national leader, as we flew over the Pacific Ocean. I was worried about it deep inside. My worries proved groundless. I attended Father as we made our way to Chung Pyung and the Peace World Center was completely full on our arrival. This is only possible in Korea. Whatever True Father ordered, the answer was always Yes sir! I respect the Korean headquarters and members for this great point. This is impossible in the United States, where everything has to be done as planned. Members may come, but to rally neighbors, where the western "reservation culture" has deep roots, is impossible.

The term most non-Koreans that study Korean learn first and never forget is "ppulli ppalli." I believe this being a quintessential Koran phrase indicates that our Heavenly Parent sent the True Parents to Korea to shorten the providence of salvation. Aju! In Korea, core members have an organization that had several buses on hand for any sudden rallying instructions given by Father. Even aged members have the capacity to fill one or two buses if so instructed.

Brothers and sisters, I have one suggestion: We should no longer let passengers get off the buses. We must get on the buses and head for Cheon Il Guk. Simply put, we must make them members, people of Cheon it Guk. In other words, you must bring spiritual children who will be your eternal treasures. We must not become like journalists who just report and do not follow. Please elevate people with close ties to you to become blessed members.

Recently, Mother called two leaders who had closely attended True Parents for dozens of years and who have conducted global missions. She sent them to the front line, asking them with all sincerity to become models of the tribal messiah mission, Father's last wish. Yes, this is the essence. This is the path to find treasure. Please believe that the most beautiful present for True Father, who has settled first in heaven, is many spiritual children. What else is more precious and greater than guiding people to the path of eternal life?

That is why the headquarters, which had a minister-oriented church system, is emphasizing the catch phrase "centered on the members' ministry" alongside the ministers' outreach.

As you heard, this is a four-cycle system. The first involves creating several ways to witness, to make new lives. The next cycle is to raise the new member. The new member is nurtured by bolstering their essence through the Principle, by teaching them about True Parents and explaining the providence. The next cycle is to bring them the Blessing Ceremony. The blessing is the way of salvation. The greatest point about our Family Federation is that we have proclaimed to all mankind that the unit of salvation has changed from the individual to the family. Therefore, just as Jesus gave Peter the key to the kingdom of heaven, Father gave it to tribal messiahs saying that the key to the kingdom of heaven is the "family church." Do you believe in this? The blessing is the way to salvation. Originally, only unmarried men and women were expected to meet True Parents. In other words, those qualified to receive the blessing from the returning Lord were originally supposed to be single people that had maintained absolute sex.

Tribal messiahs, who represent True Parents, now have the authority to bless previously married couples. However, we must remember that this great blessing has been bestowed on us through the indemnity conditions set by True Parents and other members of the True Family. We must no longer be dormant after becoming blessed couples. We must conduct our own ministries. We must go to the providential front line. Therefore, if someone asks you for your destination, the answer that you are going out to conduct the providence must naturally pop out. As members of the Family Federation and Unification Church, everything that we do -- eating, walking on the street, meeting people, whatever -- must be connected to the providence. If that is so, we will be born in the providence, live within the providence and ascend from the providence.

That, brothers and sisters, is why we must all be within the providence. We must breathe and eat within the providence. You must think that you are breathing because of the providence and that once we stop breathing, the providence, too, must end. Brothers and sisters, please repeat after me: Let us all carry out the providence! Let us carry out the providence! Let us witness! Thank you.

All members must become ministers. The era when everyone depended on the minster alone is over. We now have many able and talented members and many experts from different fields. We have accountants and lawyers. We have successful business people and learned professors in our midst. When I went to Cheong Bok Gung, I met leaders from different businesses, all of them experts. They should not remain laymen that just listen to the sermon. They must come out an hour earlier and teach Sunday school to children and new adult members.

When the entire congregation of a church is experiencing strong revival, its individual members are either teaching or learning. Teach or learn on a one-to-one basis. That is why the headquarters is developing ways to teach the difficult Divine Principle easily using an easy curriculum. The Divine Principle, which ends with when, where, and how the Lord at his second advent will return, was completed in 1966. However, the returning Lord has already come and has completed and concluded the providence. He has already ascended. Therefore, we must not tie ourselves to the Divine Principle only. If we do so, that would be like the Jews, who were still tied to the Torah when Jesus came.

In the end, the purpose and direction of the Principle is to serve as a guideline to understanding humanity's Savior, the Messiah and True Parents. Based on having learned the basic Principle, we must go on to understand who the main characters, True Parents, are. We must teach True Parents' life courses and then teach the pioneering course of indemnity that True Parents followed to liberate God and bring salvation to humanity. Just as Hyung Jin nim said, we must teach the different incidents True Father had to endure in his providential course of seven deaths and resurrections and the eight- stages of perfection.

Only through experiencing contrition and gratitude toward heaven with the realization that True Parents were sent to save sinful people, and lamenting with utmost sincerity at how True Parents had to follow a lonely path, can one be reborn and the doors to eternal life open. Simply put, gratitude and glory toward True Parents must naturally emerge. The headquarters is preparing books in stages, so that anyone can clearly learn about all these teachings.

In other words, we must establish this system through the four cycles of witnessing, nurturing, blessing and ministry. Therefore, we must now move from a minister-centered church to a church centered on members' ministry. A healthy church is one in which the minister does not stand alone; all members stand with the minister and participate in ministry. All members will have their own "farm," where they spend most of their everyday lives in the field and meet at church on Sundays. This is the so-called two-winged theory. For an eagle to fly well its two wings must work well together. In other words, Sunday's great public worship must be able to embrace all people that are living with heavy burdens. One wing is the home group movement; the other is public worship. Brothers and sisters, if only 80 percent of the core members can move centered on their ministers, your congregation can double by the end of this year. I believe that it can increase four-fold, at a minimum, by next year. Those with a congregation of a hundred members will be able to double the number to two hundred and quadruple that to eight hundred by the end of next year. That is why we must establish the four cycles and bring victory in Vision 2020. If you have made that resolve, please cry out Aju, so that Father can hear us from heaven. Aju! Aju! Aju!

3. The Path of New Tribal Messiahs, the Home Group Movement

The third direction is the path of new tribal messiahs. The path of new tribal messiahs is not a choice, but a compulsory course we must take to graduate just as you must take required subjects in college to graduate. You cannot go to the spirit world if you do not fulfill the required tribal messiah course. The guards standing at the entrance of True Father's abode will block you.

While preparing for Foundation Day, True Mother called all bunbongwangs, national messiahs and elder members to Cheon Jeong Gung. True Mother said, "Without exception, the time ahead is shorter than the time we have lived so far. Whether you go first or last, you will all go to the spirit world. What matters now is what kind of result you will take to Father." She then instructed all Korean bunbongwangs and national messiahs to return to Korea and completely dedicate themselves for the restoration of God's homeland by 2020. Last August 13, True Father came out of his sick bed and offered his last prayer while gasping for breath. His last words were "fulfill our tribal messiah mission.-

We can describe a tribe as people in two categories. The first category is one's blood relatives. After the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, all blessed families presented True Parents with the crown of peace as representatives of their tribes through the tribal messiah rally. It is natural for a Kim from the Gimhae tribe to find and restore members of the Kim tribe. Through the merits of our good ancestors, it is our duty as their descendants to liberate and bless our ancestors and guide our living relatives to the path of heaven. We must strengthen clan workshops, which Father pursued in his lifetime. UPF and the WFWP are actively carrying out these workshops.

True Mother instructed that we actively use Chung Pyung facilities for workshops. Dae Mo nim and Heung Jin nim are supporting us physically and spiritually. Look at this amazing temple. I do not want to call it a stadium. This beautiful Cheongshim Peace World Center is a holy temple that Father personally gave speeches in on several occasions. Wouldn't it be great if we could conduct public worship services in this beautiful temple filled with new members every Sunday?

I believe that such a day will come soon. If tribal messiahs invigorate their activities, two tribes out of the 172 Korean tribes can take turns meeting here on Sundays. If that happens, this place could be used every Sunday for the whole year. It is my hope that such a day comes. I believe that such a day will come. Father, we will make this day come. Please enable us to make this day come true! Let us all send a round of applause to Hoon Mo nim for building this beautiful temple.... [Applause] Thank you. I feel that Dae Mo nim may instruct from the spirit world that the Peace World Center be used by the headquarters every Sunday from this moment on. Aju!

The second category of tribe pertains to the local people. Recently, a survey conducted at an elder members' meeting showed, surprisingly, that 90 percent of them were living away from their hometowns.

Korea has built so many roads that it is almost impossible to find one's way without GPS navigation. Nevertheless, we are now living under modern circumstances, and we can reach our hometowns within a few hours. Look at the changes here in Chung Pyung. Such phenomenon is called a "sea change."

For this reason, Father spoke about the 360-home church movement based on the twelve-tribe model quite long ago. He said that if we do not realize or "loose" the family church, the kingdom of heaven would never be realized in heaven. He added, "That is why I am giving all Unificationists the key to the kingdom of heaven, the family church."

Brothers and sisters, a true family church starts from our own families. That is why I made a suggestion in Cheon Jeong Gung last week to set every Sunday as the day that all members of a family have "family worship." The headquarters will distribute the needed materials for family worship. The father will preach, the mother will pray, the oldest son will sing hymns, and donations of gratitude, whether large or small, will be collected and offered to Heaven by the family the following Sunday. Saint Paul, who established the early churches, said in I Timothy 3:15, "The household... is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth." Christianity started in secret worship services held within the family; the family worship services were the start of a community.

According to a survey, in the frozen land of North Korea around twenty thousand to forty thousand families conduct family worship. However, not having freedom of faith, they pray and sing hymns under their blankets. Recent reports indicate that around too million underground Christians carry out the works of the Holy Spirit even in communist China.

Our Unification Church, however, is no longer an underground church, but is located in a seven floor building above ground in Pyongyang. On Sunday, our Japanese members that work in the Botong River Hotel across from the church hold a service. They confidently sing hymns. Their communist coworkers join the worship. Our Unification Church is the only church from South Korea that has been acknowledged in North Korea.

Loving brothers and sisters, the neighborhood where you live is your expanded tribe. Please start gaining a footing as tribal messiahs in your neighborhood. Japanese missionaries are approaching their neighbors in different ways through sales. In one case, a member became a witnessing queen by trying to open closed doors as a yogurt vendor. We have many products we can use including the Segye Times and ginseng tea from Il Hwa. That we start making connections with people is important, whether it be through UPF or WFWP activities or through a hiking club. When non-members spend time with our members, the special aura of Unificationists naturally surprises them.

There are around ten thousand cross-cultural families in our church and all of them are missionaries. Around seven thousand Japanese women live in Korea. Like Gwan Sun Yu, the patriotic martyr, the Japanese wives are strong women who have crossed the Korea Strait to establish Cheon II Guk, which is why we call blessed spouses that have come to Korea "missionaries." Korea has also sent around two thousand of its daughters to Japan. We are all missionaries. David Livingstone carried out pioneer mission work in Africa, not giving up until the very end even though he experienced the jaws of death several times as a result of malaria. He left behind a saying regarding a missionary's life, "Nothing earthly will make me give up my work in despair." A missionary must complete his or her mission. Loving brothers and sisters, we are all missionaries.

The first thing to do is to establish the Sunday family worship service as a family church and then expand this home group movement to one's neighbors. Members living in the same neighborhood must meet and form a home group as a platform for witnessing, nurturing, blessing and ministry. We developed the four-cycle system for this purpose. We have developed a six-stage education course. You just need to follow the system developed by the headquarters under the guidance of your ministers.

True Father said that we can become messiahs only after making family church a success. He also said that the tribal messiah mission is Heaven's last strategy in relation to Satan's world. Jesus said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." The key to the kingdom of heaven that Father has given to all Unificationists is the family church.

The realization of Cheon Il Guk through the home group movement we are pursuing is Father's last wish and the method with the most principled approach.

Loving brothers and sisters, the fuse connected to 2020 is burning. True Mother has shot a flaming arrow toward the goal. Special envoys sent around the world to build Cheon II Guk are energetically carrying out activities.

Korean Activities for the Victory of Vision 2020

Loving brothers and sisters from around the world, I would like to take this opportunity to report to you the different activities carried out in Korea, to date, for the realization of Vision 2020 centered on the above strategies.

First, members worked to build a Hoon Dok family church system in each field; thus enabling tribal messiahs, the central figures in the realization of Vision 2020, to fulfill their missions in Korea, God's homeland.

We worked on forming a foundation for the establishment of this system and had to go through three stages as we prepared for this global kick-off.

1. Education of Ministers

As the first step to realize this vision, a workshop to educate 650 pastors and their wives, both of whom have central roles in Korea, was held on 2.20 by the heavenly calendar (March 31). The headquarters planned this four-day general assembly as an educational workshop for the realization of Vision 2020. The pastors and their wives received highly intense education, based on the word, about the concept of Hoon Dok family churches and how to manage them. We also provided them with around about ten different books containing detailed methods they can practice in their actual missions.

On the last day, we visited Bonhyangwon in Cheon Jeong Gung to report our determination in front of True Father. Following this, a kick-off was conducted with True Mother, during which everyone made the determination to realize Vision 2020.

2. Education of Administrators

As the second step, we held a workshop for church administrators and their staff members, who are united with their ministers and who manage the church affairs.

This past 2.26 by the heavenly calendar (April 6), we held a rally for church administrative heads and their staff members. Around five hundred people, including woman leaders of blessed wives (from each church) came from all over Korea for the rally. All participants made the determination to achieve Vision 2020. Alongside this, we conducted a meeting so that ministers and the administrative staff members become one in allocating to and focusing church finances on Vision 2020. As a result, we strengthened the budget allocation for witnessing in many churches and churches are setting aside a larger proportion of their budget for their second- generation members' education.

3. Education of Home Leaders

As the third step, we provided education for key people within churches including home group leaders, home group assistants and leaders of groups of cross-cultural families. We held a series of two-day workshops over two weeks in order to teach those key people. Education as the groundwork for Vision 2020 and to build a foundation for Hoon Dok family churches was conducted in detail for the two thousand Hoon Dok central family church ministers from all over Korea. The workshops brought successful results.

The participating leaders testified, "We could experience True Parents' heart toward Hoon Dok family churches," and "We are determined to achieve our tribal messiah missions at all cost!"

Loving brothers and sisters, our goal for the realization of Vision 2020 is "Let us bring in 600,000 people, nurture them as Cheon Il Guk citizens and build a foundation for 6 million people to support us." In order to achieve this, all ministers, administrative staff members and central leaders of the Hoon Dok family churches made a determination and achieved a new start through this three-stage process.

Starting with this kick-off, all members in Korea, collectively, will secure 600,000 citizens of Cheon Il Guk and a supportive foundation of 6 million people at all cost by 2020 in order to establish Cheon it Guk.

May all mission countries from around the world, starting from distant Africa to the Middle East, the Northeast Region. Oceania and all the way to South America, inherit True Parents' heart despite their frail missionary atmosphere, whether large or small, become owners of Vision 2020 and completely dedicate themselves for the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk.

Our Determination for the Kick-Off

Respected and loving brothers and sisters, True Mother is sincerely hoping that Korea, our Heavenly Parent's homeland, can become the hometown of the 7 billion people of the world by what would have been Father's one-hundredth birthday in 2020. She also hopes that humanity can confess that True Parents are their Savior, Messiah, returning Lord, and king of kings, inherit the true love, true life and true lineage from our True Parents and be reborn as Cheon Il Guk citizens. She is looking forward to seeing the emergence of countries able to attend True Parents within the next seven years.

I sincerely hope that everyone can be genuinely reborn through this time of determination toward Vision 2020 in front of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Let us all testify about True Parents to everyone around the world, so that the realization of Vision 2020 will transcend the vision of each of our families and become humanity's vision.

We must firmly awaken everyone, so that they realize that True Parents are their eternal saviors that are leading us on the path toward rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. We must also guide all humankind so that it receives the same heavenly cosmic grace, love and blessings as we have. This is our responsibility as tribal messiahs.

If we do not spread the word, true love and life that has been given to us by our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, the world will lose hope. The future of those who cannot find the right direction in their lives and continue wandering holds only darkness. Brothers and sisters, the future of the world is on our shoulders. Let us follow our calling at this juncture and take responsibility to bring hope and vision to the world and be able to make a new start based on that hope and vision.

Just as True Mother said, we must advance without ceasing. Vision 2020 is not a dream. We can realize it if we make a determination to do so at all cost and consistently advance without giving up. Heaven has already fulfilled 95 percent of the responsibility and is now waiting for us. True Parents have fulfilled 2 percent of the overall responsibility that was supposed to fall to us. Thus, 97 percent has been realized. We need fulfill only the remaining 3 percent portion. No one can block us, except for ourselves, from following this path. If we are resolved and live a life of practice, miracles will certainly happen.

Loving brothers and sisters, believe in the amazing vision of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and that they are providentially working with us. Without a doubt, Heaven will be with our spouses, our churches and us.

If you agree, please give a round of applause to show our gratitude and determination to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, who have bestowed upon us cosmic grace and love. [Applause] Thank you.

It is my hope that you all become proud loyal subjects, patriots and dedicated sons and daughters of heaven who make a life-or-death resolve, show complete dedication and live a life of practice without rest toward Vision 2020 for the completion of Cheon Il Guk. May the great love and blessings of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you all. Thank you. 

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