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Providential Significance of Foundation Day

Chang Shik Yang
February 20 2013
President, FFWPU-Korea

Chang Shik Yang – February 10, 2013

Respected members, how are you?

The long-awaited Foundation Day has come. Today we are standing at the center of history witnessing a tremendous providential revolution and new, cosmic paradigm shift during this unprecedented and extraordinary time that astonishes Heaven and shakes Earth. Although we may not be able to perceive or sense this with our physical eyes, all of the spirit world and the entire universe, even the smallest microscopic organisms on the Earth, are celebrating Foundation Day with joy and delight.

We are so grateful to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for their hard work and profound devotion, which they unfailingly invested in opening a new era of unprecedented hope in all of human history.

Since the Proclamation of the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and of the Word by God’s Substantial Self in 2010, three years ago, True Parents have been telling us about the new Foundation Day. They designated this day as the beginning and origin of the substantial Cheon Il Guk and emphasized that we should invest ourselves completely with life-or-death commitment because that fateful day was approaching. They have always been guiding the providence with a somber and serious heart, night and day, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

True Parents had personally designated this “D-day.” Their heart trembled with anticipation, bursting with emotion as they gazed toward the East in the early morning. Now, Foundation Day has come.

True Parents so eagerly waited for Foundation Day – not for themselves –but for the members of the Unification Family and for all of humankind. Foundation Day is the day of the starting point of True Parents’ greatest blessing for humankind, and it will be a day of celebration. As such, it is very important for us to properly understand the significance of this day and to welcome it with joy and appreciation.

What we understand through True Parents’ teachings is that if Adam and Eve, the first ancestors, had upheld the Heavenly Parent’s commandment, had completed their portion of responsibility, thereby becoming perfected beings, had entered into the direct dominion and had received the Holy Wedding Blessing, the two of them would have become the substantial incarnation of the incorporeal Heavenly Parent. The Garden of Eden, in which they resided, would have become the starting point of the homeland of the Heavenly Parent. If they had become the very first true parents and ancestors of humankind, the homeland and hometown of the Heavenly Parent would have been formed there in the Garden of Eden.

However, due to the Fall, Adam’s family lost the lineage of Heaven’s love. They lost the lineage which is more precious than life and more important than love. In this way, Satan planted, first, the seed of his false love on the earth through the bodies of human beings. The four-position-foundation and three great kingships, the ideal for the creation that Heaven had cherished, was mercilessly trampled upon even before it could begin. A history of bitter sorrow was woven into the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos and even into the fundamental heart of the Heavenly Parent.

According to True Father, God was in a state of confinement; He was not liberated or completely free. Consequently, an era of materialism precedes the era of “God-centeredism.” A flawed history began wherein heaven and earth were turned upside down, and upper and lower were reversed. This was the beginning of fallen human history.

Beloved members, this is not simply a bedtime story. For us as human beings, these are real events that happened. It is our history. It is the sad and tragic history of the Creator, the Heavenly Parent, and of humanity.

Today, seven billion people on this earth are still unable to free themselves from the struggle between Cain and Abel and from the shadow of sin, which all began from Adam’s family. Every individual is groaning under the conflict between the mind and body. Furthermore, they are suffering under all manners of diseases. The term, “global village,” indicates that the world is one peaceful village. However, the reality is that countless barriers and borders have been created between nations, religions, regions, and organizations, that are in unceasing confrontation and conflict. Even at this moment somewhere on this earth people are at war. They are aiming guns at each other and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of people are losing their precious lives in such conflicts.

Beloved brothers and sisters, when people are not suffering, they are blind to the suffering of other people; it is difficult to empathize with their pain. When our life and environment are free of difficulties, we have a tendency to avoid taking interest on our surroundings. As True Parents have rightly pointed out, the reason is because we are unable to free ourselves from the extreme, self-centered individualism that Satan desires and leads us to embrace. This shows the extent to which we have become used to living in the fallen world.

However, the Heavenly Parent, who is the Parent of all people, and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, regard all seven billion people on this earth as that single lamb that they have lost. They are constantly reaching out and offering salvation to them all. True Parents are listening to the cries of the hungry child with large eyes and the fervent prayer of a mother in Africa who tearfully embraces her daughter that is barely strong enough to fight against disease.

True Parents will never give up on the young people who are completely ruining their lives by becoming slaves to drugs and free-sex. True parents continue to press on the path of the providence with the desire to quickly transform our North Korean brethren’s cries for freedom to smiles of joy.

Dear members, some people ask whether the substantial Cheon Il Guk which is mentioned in regard to Foundation Day, is a political nation or whether it is a Utopian ideal in the religious sense.

Brothers and sisters, Chen Il Guk is not a political nation or a Utopian ideal in the religious sense. The words Cheon Il Guk were mentioned during the 120-nation inaugural world tour of the Universal Peace Federation and the UPF rally to return the homeland in 180 nations to God in 2005.

At that time, True Father explained that the Chinese character Cheon (), meaning heaven, in the name Cheon Il Guk was a combination of the characters two () and person (), saying that it is the nation where two people become one.

It refers to a nation where on a smaller level the two domains of the mind and body of each individual and on a larger scale two nations, two religions, two regions, and two organizations become as one centering on the true love of the Heavenly Parent. In this nation there are no boundaries and no walls whatsoever.

As True Parents have said, Cheon Il Guk is a new paradigm that has never before existed in history. It is a new, peaceful, ideal world that nobody has previously been able to envision. However, as True Parents have said, Cheon Il Guk will not simply remain as a Utopian ideal. It is not simply the blueprint for a future-oriented hope or ideal. The Cheon Il Guk that True Parents are building goes beyond this ideal. It is to be built in actuality in the human world. This is what will take the world by surprise.

True Parents instilled Heaven’s words and ideology into the Soviet Union, the superpower of communism, and guided the youth of that nation to be reborn as blessed families that carry on true love, true life and true lineage.

At the center of the acute conflict between Judaism and Islam, at the very center of this tinderbox, True Parents rewrote history by calling upon both sides, having them hold each other’s hands and march together for peace. In order to prevent moral collapse in the United States, a Puritan nation founded in God’s name, True Father introduced himself as a firefighter and invested his entire being in establishing absolute sexual morality.

Christian clergy are now taking the lead in upholding True Parents’ teachings on absolute sex and its lofty purpose. They are now spreading the Unification Principle to their fellow clergymen.

Brothers and sisters, throughout their lives, True Parents went to the lowest and remotes places in this world in order to create a world of peace. They pioneered the path of peace while shedding blood and sweat. They brought healing to places scarred with bitter sorrow and, with true love, bridged places that were severed due to conflict.

They unsparingly invested their entire being, their body and soul, for the sake of the salvation of humankind and construction of a world of peace and established heaven’s sovereignty of goodness. The words of the heavenly way and heavenly law have been bequeathed to all generations of humankind, and heaven’s tradition and a culture of heart has taken root.

Brothers and sisters, we ourselves, as members of the Unification Family and as blessed families, were unaware of the depth and scope of the providential administration of Heaven. Unbeknownst to us all, True Parents’ blueprint for Cheon Il Guk and progress toward its substantiation have already been firmly established on earth and also in heaven.

Notably, True Father is reigning over the heavenly world, freely travelling between the spiritual and physical worlds, while True Mother is presiding over the Providence on earth. More than at any time, many miraculous works are occurring.

Beloved members, the upcoming Foundation Day will be ushered in on the foundation of the unfathomable devotion of the Heavenly Parent and the True parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Centering on this day, True Parents are encouraging us to make a new beginning. They have bequeathed the Foundation Day Holy Wine to us so that we can be reborn as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. They have given us this great grace so that we can once again cleanse the past habits and falsehood in our mind and bodies. More importantly, they have stated that they will cleanse all our past mistakes and sins that we have committed. There is no unforgivable sin, no sin that is not covered by this Foundation Day grace, which is a great absolution and special grace.

They have also granted a Blessing Ceremony for the purpose of registering into Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day. Though this Blessing, all members and blessed families can enter into the kingdom as citizens of the substantial Cheon Il Guk.

We will be officially registered as the citizens of that nation. Our registration into the substantial Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day is the greatest, substantial salvation given to us from Heaven. True Parents shall forgive us of all our sins and shall unsparingly bestow the fruition of their efforts. They intend to give the right of being in the same position, right of participation and right to live together with them.

Brothers and sisters, please have faith in the fact that we are at the unprecedented and historic moment of receiving their miraculous grace of salvation. True Mother is now investing her tearful devotion to create a new environment centering on Foundation Day, which will mark the start of the substantial Cheon Il Guk.

She is doing this so as to expand the homeland of the Heavenly Parent to all corners of the earth. This is a project based on Mother’s deep yearning to save all seven billion people of this world. It is an expression of her love, of wanting to save everyone, right to the last, without abandoning a single person. True Mother considers all of humankind her beloved children. All are like a part of her that cannot be abandoned.

True Parents are giving us the order this very minute. She is warning us not to hoard the Foundation Day Blessing for ourselves but to find and bring all of humankind to join the ranks in receiving this blessing and grace.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I sincerely pray that we all can truly express our appreciation to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for being registered into the substantial Cheon Il Guk and making a new beginning as the citizens of that nation through Foundation Day, and then return this grace. I sincerely hope that we can all become Heaven’s proud sons and daughters who can fulfill our responsibility and mission so that a firm foundation can be created for the substantial Cheon Il Guk around the year 2020, the hundredth year since True Father’s birth. This is True Parents’ desire.

It is my prayer that all our members worldwide can take part in the tremendous blessing of grace that will be given to the entire world on Foundation Day, 1.13 by the heavenly calendar (February 22, 2013), centering on Cheon Jeong Gung.

Thank you very much. 

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