The Words of the Yang Family

The History and Meaning of Sunghwa

Chang Shik Yang
January 20, 2013
Sunday Message
Transcription: Airenae Culvy

Loving brothers and sisters, Good morning... annyeong hashimnika... ohio gozimashe

Before I give my sermon, I would like to read some content from True Parents' Cosmic Assembly for The Settlement of True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are living in the historic time of great cosmic transition. It is a time for great cosmic revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds, and to create the ideal Kingdom of Heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His Will. I've already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be Foundation Day. That day will be the actual beginning of God's Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be The Origin."

From now on, I would like to talk about something that happened ten years ago. Father arrived in Washington DC; and, just then, a Korean sister who was Blessed to an American brother had passed away. However, the sister's husband was one of the top authorities in Washington Times Publishing Company; and, when he reported his wife's passing to Father, Father ordered us to bring a paper and a brush and said 'congratulations for entering heaven this Blessed family'. Father wrote a calligraphy that way. And ever since then, anyone who worked hard for the Providence and passed away, Father would always write a calligraphy congratulating the person for entering heaven.

In January, 1984, among the True Family, Heung Jin Nim had passed away; and, everybody was actually very confused about the incident. When Heung Jin Nim was still alive, True Parents proclaimed the dedication ceremony; and, just like Abraham's offering of Isaac to God, True Parents also proclaimed The Day of Victory of Love to offer Heung Jin Nim to God. When directions came from the Koreans, that was a time when everyone was confused. So, Father said that Heung Jin Nim's death is no longer a funeral but a day when He enters Heaven and a day that should be brightly decorated more than even a wedding. Father said to make a very bright environment; so, that day, on the red carpet they had flower of all different colors. You can still remember that day for how it was brightly decorated with flowers.

So, Heung Jin Nim went on His path of Glory on His Seunghwa Heung Jin Nim was given the assignment of The Chief Commander of the spiritual world; and, together with Dae Mo Nim, They have carried out the Chung Pyung history. Today, we have about 5,000 members from Japan and Korea who have Blessed their ancestors. It is only possible to remove your original sin while living on earth and receiving the Blessing. liberate your ancestors while living on earth physically and receiving the Blessing. However, thanks to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, through the love and endless conditions, ancestors Blessing was permitted.

So today, True Parents.... this was actually a Grace that could not be possible until He opened the door; but, He allowed us the Blessing of 210 ancestors through His Authority. So, let us all give a big round of applause to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim who made it possible. Ever since, whenever, one of our members would pass away, we would always decorate the funeral with all different kinds of flowers and brightly celebrate it; so, if you go to that funeral hall you will notice right away the tradition that True Father set. True Father said that this should be a day even happier than when a bride gets married. So, by this Grace and Inspiration, we should be able to be completely into True Parents for 24 hours... and listen and think of True Father's Words. He would talk to 10,000 people as if He were speaking to one person. We need to all be calling to True Parents; and, live life forgetting about how time passes.

We sent True Father, right here in this place, with flowers of all kinds; and, 140 days has passed since then. True Father is lying right now in Bun Yeon Won. It is still difficult to realize that He has actually left us for Heaven; but, when we close our eyes and open them again, we see that True Father has already gone through the path of Seonghwa.

Now, Father has become invisible; and, He can freely come to and from Heaven and on earth. He is observing us 24 hours. Now we can only see True Father through the eyes of our hearts and minds. Today, True Father Whom we've always missed, and despite the busy Providence, we believe that True Mother is here today with True Father. If you believe that, please give a big round of applause to The True Parents. (applause)

Coming on earth as The Savior and The Lord of The True Parents of Second Coming, He has completed, perfected and finished His Mission. He has entered The Throne as The King of Kings. So, now remembering True Father, please give a big warm round of applause again... (applause) Thank You.

And now, we have 33 days until Foundation Day. So now, we need to change sadness into a new determination and strong resolve. We need to be able to change, repent and go establish Cheon Il Guk with all our passion.

Now, I will like to talk about the meaning of Foundation Day.

Adam and Eve were the ancestors of humankind. If they had established God's directions, and had completed and fulfilled their responsibility and received God's Blessing, they would have become God's substantial self in the Garden of Eden. They would have become the first True Parents. They would then have established God's nation and God's Kingdom in the Garden of Eden. However, because of the fall, the history of suffering as a result of indemnity had started.

In 1996 on November 1st in Uruguay, True Father conducted a proclamation of the end of indemnity. Father said that the era of indemnity has passed. From January 13, 2001, Father had God's Coronation Ceremony. That started a 12-year course to establish Cheon Il Guk. He has ever since walked toward that path. So, the meaning of Foundation Day is the start of Cheon Il Guk and is a time when God's Invisible Self and Visible Self will come down on earth. So, this is actually God's Dream, which has been the ideal of Christ realized and completed after 6,000 years.

Just like in the Bible it says 'I saw the holy seat of the new chairs coming out of heaven; and, God prepares a Bride beautifully dressed for Her Husband. And I heard a loud voice from The Throne saying 'Look! God dwelling place is now among the people; and, He will dwell with them. They will be His people and God will be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes; and, there will be no more death or mourning or crying for the old order of things has passed away.'

So, we will be able to realize a world without suffering, without pain. To enter there, we will need to have qualifications. First of all, it has to be Blessed families with no taints. We should become new lives, pure new lives with no traces of the fall.

So, True Mother, on October 25th, the 40th day after Father's Seonghwa had distributed The Foundation Day Special Holy Wine. Starting from next week, churches all over the world will prepare this Holy Wine Ceremony. So, we need to think more about it. On the 40th, after Father's Seong Hwa on September 11th, True Mother said that now that we prepare for Foundation Day, the era has changed. So, just like we wash our bodies and minds, all Blessed families should drink the Holy Wine and start anew by taking the Blessing on that Day. So, this was especially made Holy Wine for Foundation Day. Through this, on the foundation of complete repentance, we can be reborn as new Blessed families. This is indeed a very special Grace. It's called a comprehensive Grace. So, in other words, all sins that could not be forgiven, such as divorce or fall, all these kinds of sins would be forgiven through this comprehensive Grace. This will become the best Grace that has ever happened in our history. So, we need to completely become shined brighter than a diamond through this Holy Wine Ceremony. Through the suffering and indemnity conditions set by True Parents, this comes to us. Please give a big, warm applause. (applause) This will become a special Grace, indeed, for all Blessed Central Families. We need to all register as Cheon Il Guk people on that Day.

Among the main events on Foundation Day, is when God makes an Entrance, there will be a Blessing Marriage of The True Parents. They will become God's Substantial Self; and, we will be reborn as God's Children for eternity. In the Bible it also says that we will become God's people; and, just like God's people God will be with us. So, everybody would enter and be registered as God's people. In Revelation 24, it says 'Is there anyone whose name is not found in the Blood of Life? They were thrown into the lake of fire.'

We hope that all members can participate in this special Grace which is being given now without any conditions. I'm sure there were a lot of unfortunate incidents. So, now that we approach Foundation Day, let us all heal whatever pain that we had and be reborn as True Parents' True Children through this special Grace. So, no matter what, everybody needs to participate in this Special Grace; and, become a Church that is filled with true love.

Members, 'Do you believe in this?'

I like to talk about Who True Mother is.

On the 40th day after True Father's Seonghwa, True Mother said the following words, "During the past 40 years, Father's Thoughts have become My Thoughts, and My Thoughts have become True Father's Thoughts" So, She said that She could re-confirm it again. As you all know, True Mother was specially prepared by Heaven. She came from a very specially prepared Family. As we all know, Her grandmother was Kim Seong Do, and through Ho Ho Bin, God prepared Dae Mo Nim. Mother had to pass through the three generations to come on earth. At the age of 7, She could meet True Father through Dae Mo Nim. True Father found Himself saying three times to Heaven 'Thank you for sending Han Hak Ja here on earth.' (True Father said to Heavenly Parent)

At age of 17 True Mother was given the huge mission that was so difficult; and, The Holy Wedding Marriage was carried out. True Mother had to go through untold things walking the path of a Cosmic Daughter, Wife, Mother and Queen... She walked this path with True Father.

The 1960, The Providence started in earnest through The Blessing Marriage. Until 1960 it was a history to find Eve. The starting point of The Providence was indeed when Father was Blessed to True Mother. Only through Their Blessing of Marriage could They restore The Four-Position Foundation, The Children's Day, The True Day of All Creation, and The Five Major Holy Days could be established through The Holy Blessing Marriage...

On March 27, 1990, True Father appointed True Mother as The Second Head of our Church; and, March 17, 1994 True Father officially said, "If I go to the spirit world, True Mother is The Successor after Me."

Starting from 2009, Father started the Las Vegas Providence; and, there were many internal ceremonies that were carried out (that many of you would not know of). The Las Vegas highlight was May 15, which is June 25 at 3:25 in Las Vegas, a ceremony took place with only a few members participating. That was the Perfection, Completion and Accomplishment of The Old, New and Completed Testament. True Father and True Mother had reached complete unity and have finished The Las Vegas Providence. They proclaimed to have absolutely completed it.

Straight afterwards, on July 8, at the Cheon Jeong Gung, True Father gave direction to proclaim The Settlement of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. True Father, Who is the Substantial Self of The Word (is One with True Mother) and They Are More Important even than The Divine Principle or The Words of any Teaching. They Are The Source of These Words. (True Parents are more important than any other Word that is Said. They are The Source of Principled Words of Truth...) Father also proclaimed that Korea would become God's Homeland.

So, The Substantial Self is more important than The Divine Principle. When Father was asked about the proper order of the Words of The Korean Title, Father emphasized that The Substantial Self was more important than The Words. Jesus said I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to The Father except through Me. So Jesus Is The Path, and The Word and The Life and The Truth. So, Jesus is The Substantial Self. So, The Word and The Truth and The Principle that was given (ONLY) by True Parents, They Are The Substantial (Completed/Perfected) Selves of All The Truth; and, They Are All- Important More Than The Word... YOU MUST KNOW THIS. (applause)

So, now that we attend the Substantial Selves of The Word here on earth, we can realize how precious They are... and what kind of life are we living with Them... MOST IMPORTANT are the True Parents Themselves, Who are the Substantial Self of The Completed Words...

So members.. every kind of sin can be forgiven but sin/hurt against The Spirit cannot be forgiven... It is only possible for us to go to Heaven and to God by going through the Holy Spirit... Only through The Holy Spirit True Mother can we go to True Parents. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, UNLESS WE GO THROUGH TRUE MOTHER. Today we are in the special Holy Spirit History and Age... 

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