The Words of the Yang Family

Helicopter Incident Is The Greatest Event In History Since Jesus' Crucifixion

Chang Shik Yang
July 29, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Just some highlights...

Dr. Yang

Satan can no longer invade in terms of True Parents' bodies and physical safety. However, human 5% responsibility to protect True Parents remains for True Children and Blessed Families. Therefore, when we do not fulfill our responsibility, then True Parents can have to pay indemnity. We cannot help but be ashamed about what we lack in terms of the level we should be at now.

True Parents said that everything within the lives of Blessed Families is connected to the providence. It goes without saying that True Parents' lives are connected to the providence. In order to understand the helicopter incident centering on the providence, we would need to pray and reach a high level spiritually.

Dr. Yang said, "I think all the members really felt their hearts stop when they heard about True Parents' helicopter incident."

Dr. Yang testified about an experience in Denver, Colorado during the 50 state tour in 2001. One member of the audience asked Father if he is the Messiah. Father waited for about a minute and then said, "Pray about it". The member of the audience started to speak again but he fainted while he was speaking.

The helicopter incident is the greatest event in history since Jesus' crucifixion. It is clear that Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim were protecting True Parents during their descent in the helicopter. Hyung Jin Nim interpreted what each of the three True Sons in the spirit world did to protect True Parents. There was a movie director who saw good spiritual beings protecting True Father's helicopter and a rainbow right behind the helicopter. Another person dreamed that Father grabbed his hand and asked him to follow him.

Dr. Yang expressed that if True Parents had passed away on the helicopter, then we wouldn't be able to sit or stand. We would be in positions as if we were dead.

The only way to give back to True Parents and to God is to work to fulfill God's Will.

We have to bring about a great victory on the foundation of the suffering True Parents had to go through this time. So we need to restore a nation and restore a world. We need to work to fulfill the Boon Bong Wang (special representatives / viceroys / regional kings) providence.

Rev. Kwak Started Speaking

Rev. Kwak expressed that heaven and earth, including the spirit world is protecting True Parents. There could be no greater testimony to True Parents than this. People heard about True Parents in the news and many people contacted us regarding this event. Through this event, the speed of the advancement of the providence has accelerated greatly. Secondly, through this event, we want to fulfill True Parents' will on this earth in substance. We are worried that if we don't, then it could be a big problem. It is our responsibility to fulfill the Will. 

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