The Words of the Yang Family

Dr. Chang Shik Yang's Farewell Message to American Members

June 5, 2008
Seoul, Korea

Beloved brothers and sisters in America,

Greetings from Seoul!

I was called to America by True Parents in 1994 and have worked in America for over 14 years. As you know, I recently received a direction from True Parents to come back to Korea, the Fatherland of our faith, to be the president of the Korean movement. Because of Father’s urgent direction, I had to go to Korea immediately, so I could not hold a proper national farewell service, although two farewell services were held on the East Coast, in Washington and in the New York area.

Dear brothers and sisters,

True Parents came to America in 1971, and for 34 years they invested their golden age and gave their blood, sweat and tears to save America. They started from scratch and built up an incredible foundation, with incredible sacrifice of the True Family. Some people may think that Father went to Korea to rest but actually True Parents are working harder than ever before to establish Cheon Il Guk through unifying North and South Korea and bringing about world peace. Directly attending True Parents and serving God’s Providence in America has been the most precious and valuable time in my life. As I look back on my last 14 years, I find many things to be grateful for.

I have a deep and earnest heart of gratitude to God and True Parents for blessing and guiding me during my time in America. Through attending True Parents, I was able to directly experience their boundless, unchanging and eternal love for humankind and their urgent and desperate desires to liberate God’s Heart and realize God’s ideal kingdom on earth.

But I could not have attended True Parents properly without the help of the True Children. First of all, my heart goes out to Hyo Jin Nim, who went to the spirit world recently. He poured out his deepest heart of filial piety and loyalty for the sake of True Parents and the American movement. I pray that America, as the Elder Son Nation, can inherit his legacy. I am absolutely certain that he will continue to guide America from the spirit world.

Hyun Jin Nim, as the senior advisor of the American movement, has been a revolutionary inspiration of vision and leadership. His vision of returning America to God through restoring America's founding spirit has become a guiding light for a new spiritual revolution in America, centering on the American Leadership Conference. On the global level, Hyun Jin Nim has brought political and religious leaders to a deeper understanding of True Parents through International Leadership Conferences organized by UPF and the Global Peace Festivals.

No matter how great and amazing the inspiration and guidance we receive, without unity among Blessed Central Families, the providence cannot move forward. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to work with President Rev. Michael Jenkins. I have been moved many times by his patriotic heart toward America, his passionate love for the American members, and his attitude of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience toward True Parents' directions. He was totally united with me as we served True Parents together. It was because of Rev. Jenkins’ loyal and sincere heart that True Parents gradually allowed American leaders to guide America. Along with President Rev. Jenkins, vice presidents, HQ staff, district directors, state leaders and leaders of affiliated organizations and business leaders played an unforgettable role during my time as continental director of North America.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the brothers and sisters in America who have stayed faithful to God and True Parents in the face of countless challenges and difficulties and who have continued to support God’s Providence with their heart and soul.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

On Easter Day, April 17, 1998, True Parents anointed America as the ‘Elder Son Nation’. There are two clear missions of the elder son in a family. The first is to vertically attend the parents as a filial son, and the second is to horizontally take care of his younger brothers and sisters. That means that America, as the Elder Son Nation, should attend True Parents as well as take care of the over 190 nations of the world. In order for a family to be stable, the elder son should be healthy and have enough foundation. The reason God blessed America to be a superpower in the world today is because He expects America to become the true Elder Son Nation.

The movement of civilization since Jesus' crucifixion, which passed through the European continent to the North American continent, has been heading toward the realization of the ideal of the Second Coming. The victory of the 50 State Speaking Tour was the most beautiful achievement of the American movement. On March 24, 2004, the Coronation Ceremony of the Peace King was offered in the Senate Building of the Capitol. This was the greatest monument to True Parents in the history of America. It was a day of comfort for True Parents' 34 years of hard work in America. Moreover, this was a providential event which could resolve the resentment in Jesus' heart from when he was forced to go the way of the cross, for the coronation ceremony was held in the American Congress, which is like the Roman Senate of the 20th century.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

We are now in the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk going toward 2013. America's role at this time is more important than ever before. From a political perspective, the unification of North and South Korea cannot come without America's support and cooperation. In order for the providence to come to completion, America has an absolute role to play as the Elder Son Nation. The reason True Parents sent me to Korea at this time is to create a stronger bond between Korea and the Elder Son Nation. Indeed, I requested that I could support the World Mission Headquarters, centering on Hyung Jin Nim, international president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and Kook Jin Nim, chairman of the Korea Foundation.

Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents have sent Dr. and Mrs. Pyung Hwa Kim, who have worked in Asia for the past 24 years, as the new continental director for America. Dr. Kim, as a 777 couple, has been on the frontline as a church pastor from early on, and is a great leader who has changed Asia from a wasteland into a great providential field in this age. He knows America very well and he has constantly worked to connect Asia and America. He is an expert missionary who has brought many nations in Asia to the level of national restoration. True Parents have sent the leader who is the most prepared and greatest for America. I’m sure the North American movement will grow and develop greatly through becoming one with Dr. and Mrs. Kim’s leadership.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

America has become my eternal mission area. It is a new homeland that welcomed my family and raised my nine children, who are now living in America. Finally, I pray that God and True Parents' great blessings may be with each and every Blessed Central Family in America. I want to offer one of my favorite songs, God Bless America, to each one of you.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Chang Shik Yang

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