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Overall Schedule and Guidelines For Participants - Interfaith Blessing- Including Important Updates and Changes

Chang Shik Yang
May 14, 2008


TO: Participants in May 17th Marriage Blessing Ceremony, District Directors, FFWPU Leaders, and All Blessed Central Families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
DATE: May 14, 2008
RE: OVERALL SCHEDULE and GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPANTS Interfaith Blessing- Including Important Updates and Changes

May the love of God and True Parents continue to guide and bless you and your family. The following information, updates, and guidelines are essential for every participant in the Marriage Blessing Ceremony this Saturday, May 17, 2008. Please read carefully and comply:

I. The Wide Gate of the Blessing

As the model for future National Blessing ceremonies in the United States, True Parents have encouraged that the Blessing be open to clergy, Ambassadors for Peace and families of all faiths. FFWPU members and Blessed Children who are inheriting the tradition of the Blessing will share this ceremony with a diverse family of brothers and sisters in a truly interfaith ceremony. The ceremony’s theme will be: World Peace Through Ideal Families: Interfaith Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

II. Change of Venue for the Blessing Ceremony; Schedule is the Same

To accommodate the growing number of participants and facilitate the most beautiful ceremony possible, the NEW LOCATION for the Blessing Ceremony will be:

La Fontaine Bleu Banquet and Meeting Hall
7963 Annapolis Road (MD Route 450)
Lanham, MD 20706

½ mile west of 495 (Capitol Beltway) Exit 20; ½ mile east of East-West Hghwy (Rt. 410)

The Blessing Ceremony will begin at 2:00 PM. FFWPU First and Second Generation couples will arrive together from the morning education and rehearsal. Doors open for participants and guests at 1:00 PM. The program and photo-taking will finish by 4:00 PM.

NOTE: Because of limited seating, participation is recommended for participants and their invited guests only.

III. New Location for the Morning Education and Rehearsal Saturday May 17 for all couples in the Blessing, and Sunday Education for ALL 2nd Gen. Couples

To simplify the morning schedule of education and preparation for participants, the new location for morning activities is:

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
8500 Annapolis Road (MD Route 450)
New Carrollton, MD 20784

Just inside (west) of 495 (Capitol Beltway) Exit 20, and ¼ mile from the Blessing venue

There will be comfortable changing and preparation areas for women and men, and an education and rehearsal room. In addition, overnight rooms will be provided at this hotel for ALL Second Generation members attending the Sunday education program, which will take place at the same location. The schedule for the Saturday Blessing events remains almost the same:

8:00 - Arrival, sign-in and registration, refreshments

8:45 - Education (2 presentations w/ break and refreshments)

11:00 - Rehearsal

12:00pm - Holy Wine Ceremony (First Generation couples)

Lunch and preparation (suits and wedding gowns)

1:30 - Depart for Blessing Ceremony

NOTE: Limited transportation to/from the Blessing venue will be available for those without it.

IV. Evening Celebration Banquet for Participants and Guests- Tickets for Couples

There will be a beautiful family celebration banquet for couples and guests beginning at 6:00 PM, overlooking Washington, DC at the Galaxy Room on the 16th floor of the Sheraton National Hotel, 900 S. Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204.

Join us for a sumptuous buffet, congratulations, testimonies, musical performances by couples, families, and our most talented youth… and dancing!!! [DJ provided]

Each Second Generation couple will receive 6 tickets for themselves, their parents, family, or friends. First Generation matched couples will receive 2 tickets, with up to 2 more available upon request. Ambassadors for Peace and clergy couples participating in the Blessing can receive tickets for themselves upon request. Additional banquet tickets may be purchased at $20 apiece (less than half the cost). Guests for the celebration only will be admitted without tickets after 7:30 PM (after the banquet concludes).

Tickets will be available at registration Saturday morning, at the registration table at the Blessing, or at the Galaxy Room if any are still available. For information contact Nari Stephens.

V. Weekend Schedule for ALL Second Generation Couples- Must Attend

True Parents want to give our Blessed Children much more than marriage, but a path to an ideal family through the Blessing. Knowing that too many of our sons and daughters understand too little about the value and process of the Blessing, Father has specifically suggested conditions and guidance be given, not for the purpose of indemnity, but for education and inheritance of the value of the Blessing. All of these things will be shared and discussed in the pre-Blessing education for all participating couples, and a special education program on Sunday, May 18th for ALL Second Generation couples.

There will be time for parties and celebrations, but more important is to fully understand and receive what True Parents and our parents are giving us. To accomplish Father’s direction for education all Blessed Children joining the May 17th ceremony must plan to participate in all important programs from 8:00 AM on Saturday until 4:00 PM on Sunday, May 18th.

To make this easier, both the Saturday morning education for all couples and the Sunday education program for 2nd Gen. will take place at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in New Carrollton, MD (see above). Hotel rooms have been reserved for all Second Generation participants at the Four Points on Saturday night. Participants can check-in early Saturday afternoon before leaving for the Blessing Ceremony, stay in the hotel Saturday night, and join the Sunday morning program, which includes breakfast and lunch and ends at 4:00 PM.

The meaning of the fasting and 40-day separation period, the standard of relationship during 40 days, relationship skills, testimonies, the five love languages, and more will be presented and discussed on Sunday. Any participant with a schedule conflict should report to Rev. Inguk Seo, director of BC Blessing Department, to discuss this and if necessary, make alternative plans for education. Couples should not miss this program without permission.

VI. Father’s Guidance for Second Generation Blessed Couples

To encourage Second Generation couples to prepare themselves well to embrace the historical meaning of the Blessing, Father directed participants to complete a 7-Day fast prior to the ceremony. Due to the short notice and lack of preparation many candidates were unable to complete this condition. Recommended alternatives will be discussed during the Sunday education, but participants should establish an alternative condition of “Jeongseong” (sincerity and inner dedication), such as morning fasting, bowing, prayer or others, prior to the Blessing Ceremony.

“When I was given the honor of being able to begin a ministry, I asked, ‘Father, what should I do?’ and he answered succinctly, ‘Offer much jeongseong.’… He told me to give jeongseong all the time, because when we give jeongseong, we are humbled… only then can we clearly know who we are in front of God and True Parents.”
Hyung Jin Moon, Inaugural Address as President of FFWPUI, April 18, 2008

We encourage all Blessing participants to prepare well for this historic moment. If you intend to participate and have not registered, do so immediately, before the event. For more detailed information consult previous memos or contact:

Hiromi Stephens
Blessed Family Department

God bless you,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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