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Interfaith Blessing Ceremony - 1st and 2nd Generation - Now it is expanded to include Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy on May 17 in Washington

Chang Shik Yang
May 10, 2008



To: District Directors, Blessed Families
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: May 10, 2008
Re: Interfaith Blessing Ceremony -- 1st and 2nd Generation - Now it is expanded to include Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy on May 17 in Washington

May the love of God and True Parents continue to guide you and your family. We have exciting news about the blessing. Father would now like to see the May 17th blessing in Washington D.C. expanded to include Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy and key faith leaders, elders and Family Fellowship participants. As we have gathered in meetings to plan and prepare for the May 17th National Blessing Ceremony we have become more deeply aware of its historical significance and the amazing heart from God and True Parents being invested behind this event.

Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy are welcome to participate in the Interfaith Blessing of Marriage and rededicate their marriages.

All Districts should now consider this incredible blessing in which Ambassadors for Peace couples well as ACLC Clergy and Christian church elders and the key leaders may participate in this historic ceremony in which 1st and 2nd Generation are joining together. UPF officials and ACLC Coordinators and clergy will inform those organizations but you should also be aware of this and let your friends or colleagues of ACLC, UPF or WFWP know about this wonderful opportunity. Because of the grace offered at this time, the blessing fee for Ambassadors for Peace and the Clergy will be a "love" offering. Registration for the blessing should be completed by May 16th at 12 noon. Because this door has opened we should ask all Blessed couples to consider their all the people who could be included -- especially colleagues and friends from Family Fellowship small groups. (Forms for registration will be sent out through UPF, ACLC, WFWP or other affiliated organizations.)

Registration Deadline for 1st and 2nd generation newly matched couples: Monday, May 12 at 5 pm. All 1st and 2nd generation candidates for the blessing who were matched should finalize registration by Monday at 5 pm. District Directors should directly oversee this process. Although the Blessing fee is mandatory, candidates should not postpone attendance due to finances but can attend with the approval of the District Director and commitment to make this special offering with the District HQ. All information can be found on the website of the Blessed Family Department at

We ask all church leaders and all members please review all candidate couples who are planning to attend and make sure they are registered and have all the support they need. Again, we should make sure that no one postpones because of finances (the District should work this out.) Blessed Families are encouraged to help other families with their offering.

Future Blessings in America: We never know if the door of blessing will remain open like this, however Father's idea is for 1st Generation and Ambassadors for Peace should have the opportunity to be blessed through ceremonies offered regularly throughout the year. Our next Blessing in America is planned for September but it could be even earlier.

Because this is the first National Level Blessing in America, we can expect many challenges as we establish the tradition for the future. Let us really uphold the highest ideals of offering this event to heaven. If this goes well we believe this special approval for second generation candidates to join may continue if this blessing fulfills True Parents expectation. Second generation candidates are asked to fast and go through special education as well as a 40 day condition of preparation for married life.

Let us exemplify who we are by the American spirit of being One Family Under God, established as His nation from among all peoples for leading the world into His Kingdom. Finally we ask that all make a special condition of prayer for this first "National Level Blessing" in America.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Regional President
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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