The Words of the Yang Family

Letter to the American Church

Chang Shik Yang
April 6, 2008

Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

I am attending True Parents and preparing for the upcoming 49th True Parents’ Day celebration on April 6th at Hawaii King Garden as I write this. First, I would like to convey True Parents’ warm love and encouragement to all of you who have come to attend today’s meaningful memorial service for Hyo Jin Nim.

I especially pray that the hearts of Yeon Ah Nim and the children of Hyo Jin Nim’s family can receive deep and profound comfort. I offer my gratitude and pray for the comforting of each and every member of the True Family in attendance today. This 8th year of Cheon Il Guk began with the victorious foundation of the conjoined jubilee 7th and 8th years of Cheon Il Guk. Until January 13, 2013, Heaven’s Providence is being directly guided by our victorious True Parents.

Therefore, a dramatic event such as this that happens during this significant time period has profound meaning, and is undoubtedly a holy sacrifice to shorten Heaven’ Providence. Moreover, the Seung Hwa of Hyo Jin Nim, the first son of True Parents’ family, is certainly no ordinary event. We can find True Parents’ deep intentions in the calligraphy Father wrote for Hyo Jin Nim: Shimcheon Kaebang Won Choonghyo Kaemoon Joo. This can be translated approximately into English as “He will open and liberate the deepest heaven and turn it into a flower garden as the lord who opens the gates of loyalty and filial piety.”

But at the same time, can you imagine how painful this must be for True Parents? I come to tears thinking about True Parents sending Hyo Jin Nim to the Wonjeon. In the plane as Father flew to King Garden, he called twice to ask how the Wonjeon Ceremony was going. I cannot help but offer my deepest gratitude to Yeon Ah Nim, who as his wife must have felt like her heart was being torn apart. Yet she became one in heart with True Parents and stood openly in front of members offering gratitude for Hyo Jin Nim who went as a living offering to Heaven for the sake of the liberation of God’s Homeland and the shortening of Heaven’s Providence. Watching all of Hyo Jin Nim’s children, including Shin Chul Nim, write “Appa sarang-hae-yo” in Korean on his coffin made me shed even more tears. All of the direct children of the True Family, from Hyun Jin Nim to Hyung Jin Nim, attended the Seung Hwa Ceremony and prayed for their older brother on his way to the heavenly world.

Beloved brothers and sisters, America is the Elder Son Nation. Therefore, we have the primary responsibility to protect True Parents and the True Family. If there is any need for sacrifices and offerings, we should no longer allow the True Family to take the burden.. That responsibility and mission belongs to me, to Rev. Jenkins, to all core leaders and to each and every member in America. We should protect the True Family with our lives. Today is a day of pledging and determining to make such a resolution.

Our older brother Hyo Jin Nim was educated in America and led a cultural movement to guide the 2nd generation culture in America. He wrote over 10,000 songs, an achievement that should easily make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Each lyric in Hyo Jin Nim’s songs expresses determination, resolution, and either a pledge of loyalty and filial piety toward God and True Parents, or strong hostility toward the satanic world and a determination to bring victory. If any member of the 2nd generation with talent is willing to continue Hyo Jin Nim’s work, the American HQ will actively help that person. Moreover, Hyo Jin Nim’s music room in Belvedere will be made into a Holy Ground and a Memorial to cherish his example of loyalty and filial piety toward True Parents for eternity.

Although Hyo Jin Nim’s body has left us, his spirit is with us. He will guide the Elder Son Nation with more freedom and power than before. We will make a beautiful sermon book out of the speeches Hyo Jin Nim gave at Belvedere every week. We will attend well and give encouragement to Hyo Jin Nim’s wife Yeon Ah Nim and their children. Moreover, let’s make this a day in which we make a determination with our lives to become totally united with Hyun Jin Nim and all the True Children in order to fulfill the responsibility of the Elder Son Nation. Once again, I convey True Parents’ warm greetings to you.

I humbly pray that our older brother Hyo Jin Nim’s path to the heavenly world can be filled with eternal glory and victory. 

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