The Words of the Yang Family 2008 and Later

Congratulations To The 1800 Couples On Their 33rd Anniversary

Chang Shik Yang
February 8, 2008

Dear Blessed Families of the 1800 Couples' Blessing,

Today we celebrate the 1800 Couples' Holy Wedding Ceremony which occurred in Seoul, Korea on February 8, 1975. Today is the 33rd Anniversary of this Holy Blessing which was officiated by our True Parents and was composed of representatives of 25 nations including a significant number of couples from the United States. The number 33 means that you have gone over the 33rd year of Jesus and have now surpassed incredible trials and secured many deep internal and external victories to remain as blessed couples faithful to God's Ideal. We want to express gratitude for your faith and those of earlier blessings. It was through your victories that the path and burden for all future blessed couples was made lighter, wider and more universal. The 1800 Couple Blessing began the era in which the world level providence of God could unfold and signified the completion of the 2nd Seven Year Course of the 21 year course beginning in 1960 with True Parents' Holy Wedding.

In the Way of God's Will on "The Providential Meaning Of The Blessed Families", Father Moon states, "True Parents blessed 1800 Couples 14 years after 1960. It was originally supposed to be held in 1974, but the real providence started from April of 1960, so it was permissible for that Blessing to take place before April of 1975. Therefore, the second seven-year course was completed with the 1800 Couples' Blessing, and the Unification Church could depart for the worldwide providence."

We are deeply grateful for all of the 1800 Blessed Couples and pray that this 33rd year anniversary will be one of joy and happiness as well as a day in which we honor your successful course together with True Parents. On Behalf of America and all Blessed Central Families in the Elder Son Nation - we sincerely thank you, your children and your grandchildren for walking this historic path as families of God striving to realize True Love, True Life and True Lineage.



Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America Region I

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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