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Establishment of the National Blessed Family Fund Monthly Donation

Chang Shik Yang
January 7, 2008

NHQ BFD 2008 - 01 - 07

To: District Directors, State and Church Leaders, BFD Representatives, All Blessed Families
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: January 7, 2008
RE: Establishment of the National Blessed Family Fund Monthly Donation

May the blessings of God and True Parents be upon you and all your members in this Jubilee year of 2008.

In a recent memo FFWPU International President Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak encouraged the strengthening of the Family Department in each nation for the support of all Blessed Families. To achieve this, all nations that have not yet established a fee system, whereby a small monthly donation from each family will directly support these activities, should do so in accordance with True Father’s direction, and as the heavenly tradition of Cheon Il Guk.

Achievements of the USA BFD

As many of you know, the USA Blessed Family Department (BFD) was re-organized in June, 2004, and Jim and Hiromi Stephens were appointed as Co-Directors. Since then the BFD has grown and developed substantially under the Stephens’ active and inspired leadership, with the support of Rev. Phillip Schanker and the Education Department. BFD Coordinators have been established in each district, with BFD Representatives in many states and large cities, and 3 national conferences for training and development have already been completed. The increasingly popular Parents’ Matching Convocations will be held four times throughout the nation in 2008, and a clear cooperative process for matching and Blessing First Generation is also being developed, with coordinators in each district. National level Blessings will be held regularly beginning this year as well.

The BFD has established important national ministries for counseling, adoption, single members, children with special needs and more. It has its own website at, and will publish an updated Blessing manual this year. Qualified Unificationist marriage educators are available for seminars upon request. In addition, the Stephens have traveled throughout America giving presentations on Matching Second Generation, Improving Husband-Wife Relationships, introducing the ministries and activities of the BFD, and more. The department continues to provide Blessing education for First Generation, and supports Second Generation educational programs as well. All of this has been achieved with minimal funding and much sacrifice.

The National Blessed Family Fund

Until now support for the BFD and its family fund has been voluntary, and as the department’s work has expanded the response and generosity of members and families has also grown. In accordance with the international direction of FFWPU, and to strengthen and develop the department’s educational and ministry activities in particular, we would like to announce the establishment of a National Blessed Family Fund. This is in accordance with True Parents’ tradition of families directly supporting the work of the Family Department, which has long been established in Korea, Japan, and other nations.

Please refer to the following paragraphs from International Memo #26 on June 14, 2007, from Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, in the section titled Receipt certifying full payment of family fees by candidate’s parents.

"Nations that do not have a ‘Blessed Family Fee’ system in place should encourage all Blessed Families to pay the ‘Blessed Family Fee’ and strengthen the operations of the Family Department in each nation’s headquarters. Blessed Family Fees should be utilized in supporting blessed families within the Cheon Il Guk system and in promoting the Blessing.
The obligation of paying a ‘Blessing Family Fee’ should be established in each nation as the tradition of Cheon Il Guk. The amount of the fee should be determined depending on the economic level of each nation and should be a multiple of the number 12. All blessed families should be encouraged to pay a ‘Blessing Family Fee.’"

In accordance with this international direction all Blessed Families in the USA are called upon to donate a minimum of $12 per month to this fund. A public accounting of this fund will be maintained by the BFD, and a report issued at least once per year. Larger donations are welcome, and in addition to expanding education and ministry, will assist us in strengthening BFD support in areas where it is needed.

How to Contribute

Information about how to donate can be found on the BFD website in the green box in the middle of the page. Go to the URL: There are three ways to donate: (1) by credit card, (2) by an automatic withdrawal from your checking account, and (3) by personal check.

Be sure to pass along this announcement to all your respective members and post it in your Sunday church bulletins.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude in advance to all our dedicated and faithful members for responding to helping establish this tradition.

May God richly bless you many times over for your donations.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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