The Words of the Yang Family

3rd World CARP Development Meeting, 2nd National CARP College Age Winter Workshop and Witnessing Summit

Chang Shik Yang
December 14, 2007



TO: District Directors and State Leaders
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE December 14, 2007
RE: 3rd World CARP Development Meeting, 2nd National CARP College Age Winter Workshop and Witnessing Summit

Thanks for your continued leadership and fulfillment for True Parentís Providence. Here is an opportunity for College Age Youth from your districts. We strongly recommend that you promote this.

CARP USA is organizing two workshops during this winter.

1. The 3rd National CARP Development Meeting (Jan 2~6, UTS) for the core members:

1. Theme: Realize the Vision True Father originally had for CARP!
2. Purpose: Work together to develop USA CARP by sharing, discussing and studying
3. Strategy meeting for campus programs and "Global Peace Festivalí in 2008

2. The 2nd National College Age Winter Workshop 2008 (Jan 6~11, UTS) for all college students

1. Theme: Represent
2. Purpose: Become a better representation of God, True Parents and True Family
3. Lectures and discussion of DP, Fatherís course, Blessing and life of faith

The participants from the first workshop are expected to stay for the second workshop as much as possible. We also encourage anybody from both workshops to participate in the next "Witnessing Summit (Jan. 11~13, New York area)" as well, in order to bring witnessing spirit and strategies into our districts and communities.

This is a great time our young leaders will rise through these opportunities, as we work together beyond any kinds of barriers including our ages. Please carefully look into the young members in your district, and give them your strong encouragement to help them not to miss this great chance. I also strongly ask you to provide substantial monetary support for those who will participate from your district.

Workshop fee is $40/day. For detail, please go to for further information and online registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Kenshu Aoki, or Sophia Kirkley.

May God bless you all!


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Regional President
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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