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True Parents 12 City Speaking Tour

Chang Shik Yang
October 18, 2007



TO: All FFWPU leaders, leaders of related organizations and blessed central families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE: October 18, 2007
RE: True Parents 12 City Speaking Tour.

May the blessing of God and True Parents be with you.

True Parents have announced that on the foundation of the victorious launch of the Abel UN as an organization which includes representatives of 194 nations and on the foundation of the rally of 50,000 at Sun Moon University on October 14th (the anniversary of Father's release from North Korean prison) True Parents feel called to come back to America to share this victory throughout the elder son nation.

True Children's Day:

True Children's Day will be held in New York on November 10, 2007. All members are invited. Pledge Service is scheduled for 7 AM either at East Garden of the New Yorker (TBD) and entertainment will most likely be the Manhattan Center in the early afternoon.

True Parents will depart for LA on the morning of November 11.

True Parents' Twelve City Speaking Tour:


November 11 (the day after True Children's Day) -- November 21 (the day before Thanksgiving.)


"One Family Under God": A Summit for Peace from the Community to the World. we would like to tie it in with the Global Peace Festival spirit.


Ambassadors for Peace, Clergy, representatives of all in leadership, Civic, NGO, Women, Religious, Youth. (Note: Students are encouraged to come.)


5000 guests per event for large districts. 3000 guests per event for all other districts (theater style seating).


$500 per blessed family. $250 per individual. (Some districts will have to ask for up to $800 per family or even more.) NY, NJ, DC, SF, CHI, LA will support the 6 other districts financially. (Amount to be decided.)

Special Donation:

College graduates who are still with their families but employed please give $100 or more.


Universal Peace Federation - USA. Co Sponsors: FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, ACLC, YFWP, World CARP and many more.

Keynote Speaker:

True Mother Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (True Father will travel with Mother and may speak first and then introduce Mother as was done on October 14 in Korea.)

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and Mrs. Jun Sook Moon, as well as Dr. Yang and Dr. Jenkins will be traveling with the tour.

Tour Schedule:

True Parents' 12 City Tour
One Family Under God: A Summit for Peace

November 11-21 Tour schedule starting from Los Angeles

Date City
Saturday, November 10 True Children's Day
Sunday, November 11 1 -- Los Angeles
Monday, November 12 2 -- San Francisco
Tuesday, November 13 3 -- Seattle
Wednesday, November 14 4 -- Minneapolis
Thursday, November 15 5 -- Chicago
Friday, November 16 6 -- Dallas
Saturday, November 17 7 -- Columbus
Sunday, November 18 8 -- Atlanta
Monday, November 19 9 -- Washington D.C.
Tuesday, November 20 10 -- Boston
Wednesday, November 21 11 -- New Jersey -- Noon 12 - New York - Evening


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Regional President
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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