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Our Central Priority - Witnessing and Family Home Church

Chang Shik Yang
October 16, 2007



TO: All FFWPU Leaders, Leaders of organizations and blessed central families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE October 16, 2007
RE: Our Central Priority - Witnessing and Family Home Church

May the blessings of God and True Parents be with you and your families. The following clarifies the focus of blessed central families of all generations.


The central priority for our movement now in America is to gain full-time young adult members (18 -- 35). Last spring during the 50 state tour, True Mother asked that we fulfill Fatherís original goal of 30,000 full time young adult members in the next three years (by 2010).

To address what is needed to fulfill that vision, the Witnessing Summit has been created and has convened two conferences (LA in August and Maryland this last weekend) to identify all the issues that need to be addressed to open the gate for prepared young adults to become part of our movement.

Mrs. Sheri Rueter has been appointed to the position of National Team Coordinator for the National Task Force on Witnessing. She works under the guidance of Rev. Dong Woo Kim and the President and Continental Director. The Task Force will work in consultation with Rev. Mito, President of World CARP USA and Mr. Naokimi Ushiroda, the Director of the Sung Hwa (Second Generation) Department.

The two witnessing summits thus far have been very successful. The first generation and second generation are bonding together in heart. The first generation of our movement should offer wisdom, professional Principle education skills, experience and finances to support the leadership that is emerging from our young adult second generation in developing all programs necessary to open the door for young people to commit for full-time service for a minimum of three years and up to seven years. We will also work to support the World CARP plan and programs for college campuses and encourage all who can to join the National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) of CARP.

A national witnessing team will be developed of young adults who can help pioneer the outreach to youth throughout America. Our objective is to develop an ongoing comprehensive heart of unity within and between our brothers and sisters and all generations. With the right foundation of love and unity we are confident that we can design the processes necessary to attract young adults to join our movement for a full time (24/7) period of three to seven years.

After this period of service these missionaries should develop their blessed families and become part of the Hoon Dok Family Church and serve in other programs that help humanity. We do not want students to leave their studies at this time but are confident that there is a huge pool of college age and post-college age youth who would love to be a part of this kingdom-building movement.

National Witnessing Task Force:

Gaining the full time involvement of young adults as members of our movement is our first and foremost priority. Of course everyone can witness, and all ages can be connected to our movement. The focus of the National Witnessing Task Force however is to attract young adults. All ages can witness but in terms of reaching out to young adults it is the young adults in our movement who are feeling love and joy will best lead the way.

Therefore, our older members should consider themselves fulfilling their responsibility in this area by offering services to provide wisdom, professional education, experience as well as finances. The young adults in our movement (18 -- 35) should be considered the main group that is needed to inspire young people of similar age to join our movement.

The following directions have now emerged from the witnessing summit.

1. A National Witnessing Task Force will be formed of select first and second generation that will work to create a "heart of witnessing" in our movement as well as practical solutions to problems that may be hindering the expansion of our young adult full-time membership. The Task Force will be co-chaired by Mrs. Rueter and one selected second generation representative. The National Witnessing Task Force will be a partnership of representatives of first and second generation. The NWTF will convene in October.
2. The next Witnessing Summit will possibly occur before the end of the year. Another Summit is tentatively scheduled for the second weekend in January of 2008. The next Summit after that will be March, 2008.
3. Each District should form a "District Witnessing Task Force" that should be composed of the graduates of the first two Witnessing Summits. They should convene a local "Summit" by the middle of December. Their first task will be to develop a "new" weekend program of Principle education and experience that young adults can attend as a step toward "joining" our movement full time.
4. A national witnessing team will be formed soon of young adults who would like to give a certain period of time to this concentrated effort as a pioneer witnessing and training experience.
5. A national 7-day seminar will be jointly designed and led by first and second generation. The venue for the national 7-day seminar will be located in San Diego and/ or Los Angeles
6. National Witnessing Task Force donation: We ask all blessed families to donate $100 to this effort by December 1st. Please send donations to FFWPU, 4 West 43rd St., NY, NY 10036 c/o Rev. Eric Holt. Write on the check: "National Witnessing Task Force".

Family Home Church:

Family Home Church (Fellowship) is witnessing from family to family. This will cover all ages of parents and families from young adult parents to middle age and even senior parents and grandparents who can become part of our faith community and join the Family Home Church.

Rev. James Stewart will be the National Coordinator of the Family Home Church effort under the direction of Rev. Joshua Cotter (National Director). All blessed central families should attend a Family Home Church meeting (choose a group or form one) and conduct a fellowship meeting which includes Hoon Dok Hae and caring for one another.

The recommended frequency is once per week. The minimum attendance, however, should be once per month. The first purpose of Family Home Church is to establish a warm family spirit and bond between all blessed families. The next purpose is to multiply, sharing the love and spirit of our True Parents with other families.

Eventually families should be asked to join our faith tradition and become members of our church, attending our central service (Sunday) of combined Family Home Churches.

Public Sector Responsibility:

All blessed families are asked to support one or more of our public sector organizations: AFC, ACLC, Womenís Federation for World Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace Ö and many others.

All blessed families should recommend 5 qualified candidates for appointment as Ambassadors for Peace by December 31. In this way we can offer support to the Universal Peace Federation in its vital mission of guiding and coordinating the peace-building / Kingdom-building efforts of all of our related organizations. The UPF District Chairmen and District Secretaries General will be clarifying the procedure for this process.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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