The Words of the Yang Family

Personnel Appointments

Chang Shik Yang
October 14, 2007



TO: All FFWPU Leaders, Leaders of organizations and blessed central families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE October 14, 2007
RE: Personnel Appointments

As was previously planned for the beginning of 2007, Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Flynn will now focus on their national and international responsibilities for FFWPU and UPF and the Block level advisory role will be transferred.

I. Personnel Transfer

1. Relinquished Positions

Location Name Details Effective as of October 10, 2007
USA Rev. Michael Jenkins Block Advisor -- Washington Block
USA Rev. Jim Flynn Block Advisor -- Midwest Block

2. Appointments

Location Name Details Effective as of October 10, 2007
USA Bishop Ki Hoon Kim Block Advisor -- Washington Block
USA Rev. Dong Woo Kim Block Advisor -- Chicago Block

USA Rev. Dong Mo Shin Secretary General -- FFWPU North America and special assistant the Continental Director (in addition to National KEA director) "

Approval of District Level Appointment:
Rev. Yong Seok Kim has been approved as the Sung Hwa (Second Generation Department) district representative for the Washington D.C. District under Rev. Randy Francis.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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