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Official HQ'S Memo - Please Distribute For Sunday

Chang Shik Yang
July 8, 2007



TO: All FFWPU Leaders, All Directors of Related Organizations and KEA Leaders, All Blessed Families and Members
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE July 8, 2007
RE: General Direction - Witnessing Summit and HDFC - International Leadership Conference

May you increasingly experience the love and blessing of God and True Parents as you continue to expand the realm of Cheon Il Guk.

Central Focus: Family Home Church (HDFC) and Witnessing

1) Family Home Church:

As we all know, ALL directions from True Parents must be fulfilled as much as possible to secure the nation and the world for heaven. However, the most central and important direction for our blessed families is that we each must perfect our family centering on True Parents and true love.

We must fulfill the four realms of heart and true love through our blessed family. The central focus for this fulfillment must come through Family Home Church (Hoon Dok Family Church). Therefore we sincerely ask that all blessed central families join a Family Home Church group of their choice.

Rev. Joshua Cotter is the National Director of the Family Home Church and will work to create a model from his position as Senior Pastor and District Director of the Bay Area Family Church. He has formed a special task force of the District leaders and pastors most active in this area. They will continue developing materials and working to establish a national office to provide information and training. Rev. Cotter has now been asked to focus his national responsibility through his efforts to build a example of HDFC and witnessing movement in the Northern California District.

2) Witnessing:

We realize that we need to develop our witnessing foundations on a completely new and fresh basis related with the "Era After the Coming of Heaven" and the fortune we now have as blessed central families. At the same time, we also see that we must invest heart, personnel and resources in this area as a priority. It is absolutely critical that we break through and set up the process to bring full time members, especially those who are college educated youth. Our second generation is critical to this. To set up the education foundation, each district is to establish a two day workshop that is organized and taught through the cooperative efforts of first and second generation.

Witnessing Summit - Friday, August 3rd (4 pm) -- Sunday, August 5th (3 pm)

To create the basis for a new beginning in our witnessing efforts to college age young people we will be conducting the first of a series of Witnessing Summits in Los Angeles from August 3 -- August 5. The focus will be on witnessing to college students and college age youth to become full time members of our movement. (It will not be on HDFC or Sunday service - another summit solely for that purpose will be held in the fall.)

A letter with the details will be coming soon. The director of this team effort is Mrs. Sheri Rueter. Rev. Dong Woo Kim will advise along with Rev. Mito of CARP and Naokimi of the Second Generation Office. This is a summit to foster a breakthrough and new thinking and understanding related with the new age. The central objective is to develop a new witnessing process that will bring 30,000 full time young people into our movement. In addition Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Cotter will oversee and support this process.

Financial offering:

Thank you to all who fulfilled the $600 offering condition. If you haven't completed it -- please offer the balance to your District Headquarters: Many families have fulfilled the $600 national condition of offering. We sincerely thank all for your offering. We want to ask every family and member to complete this condition.

The district response for the 50 state tour was outstanding this time. The higher level of dignitaries and guests was quite noticeable to True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim. The financial condition that was set by Headquarters for each family was a "special offering" that linked your family to a national and world condition directed by True Parents. This all was a central providential stepping stone for the 7 year course we are walking to 2013.

During the 50 State Tour, Father directly called upon the Continental Director and the President to raise the American movement into position to take responsibility to support the world providence from America. This is America's mission and responsibility. Father emphasized that the first step to gain fortune for America is that the blessed central families must experience the profound benefit of giving from the heart.

As you fulfill the direction of True Parents with an offering of Chung seong or "sincere devotion" and substance, your ancestors receive an immediate and direct benefit in the heavenly realm. Once they receive this benefit and blessing, they will become desperate to support your financial goals and lead you into prosperity.

As long as you directly support the providence of God, your prosperity will increase. Father is emphasizing that we must activate this by giving offerings. Once you do this correctly, heavenly fortune will manifest and prosperity will come to you and your family as you continue to give.

Many testimonies are coming in from those who are fulfilling their offerings. Please take the first step by offering the $600 condition from the heart. Also through the $600 condition you directly link your family in the official record of having participated in the providential 50 State tour during the Jubilee year of God's providence.

International Leadership Conference:

Currently the Universal Peace Federation is sponsoring a significant series of International Leadership Conferences, building an important educational base with leaders in the diplomatic field. This series is establishing a foundation for a milestone event to be held this September at which the "Abel" UN will be substantially launched. Beginning with the seminal event in Kona, Hawaii on March 17th, there has been a major conference each month connected with the 17th (March 17 in Hawaii, April 17 in Korea, May 17 in Washington DC, June 17 in Honolulu, Hawaii and now July 17 in Seoul, Korea).

The upcoming ILC will feature leaders from USA, UK and France -- the Allied nations from World War II. The August ILC will be focused on Japan, Germany and Italy (the Axis nations from World War II). In support of this educational initiative, high level outreach is underway which includes networking through the existing Ambassadors for Peace. This effort centers on Mr. Jim Flynn and the UPF USA Secretariat, as well as the UPF USA district chairs and UPF USA district secretaries general.

Please pray for the success of these important events. Though imperceptible to most people, God is guiding human affairs toward the ultimate realization of a peaceful ideal world.

ACLC Coordinators Conference and ACLC Key Clergy DP Seminar - In Gloucester, Massachusetts our advanced DP Seminar for clergy will be held from July 18th -- July 20th. ACLC coordinators will meet before the DP seminar. This will be an in-depth seminar. Key ACLC Clergy should attend - all ACLC Co-Chairman and Co-Conveners should attend.

American Representatives to 200 Countries:

As an additional step to prepare the providence for the Abel UN, 2000 representatives from Korea and Japan (10 each to 200 countries) will go along with 200 Americans to bring the blessing and education to the leaders of those nations. The 200 American representatives include all American national messiahs and additional select members. One representative (either first or second generation) from each of these designated families is asked to offer a period of time between now and September 17, 2007 for this effort.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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