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Additional Second Generation Blessing Workshop Scheduled at UTS, Barrytown, NY on June 22-24th, 2007

Chang Shik Yang
June 12, 2007

(NHQ 2GD - 07 -- 006)

TO: District Directors, All FFWPU Leaders, BFD Representatives, and All Blessed Central Families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins
DATE: June 12, 2007
RE: Additional Second Generation Blessing Workshop Scheduled at UTS, Barrytown, NY on June 22-24th, 2007

Due to the growing number of Second Generation candidates for matching and Blessing, the Blessing Workshop scheduled on June 15-17th in the Washington, DC area is filled beyond capacity, with more seeking to apply.

To accommodate all of those who would like to participate, we have scheduled an additional East Coast Blessing Workshop for 2nd Generation, to be held the following weekend, June 22-24th at UTS in Barrytown, NY. The cost of registration, core staff and presenters will be identical. Like the Washington, DC workshop, registration at UTS begins at 3:00 PM, and participants MUST arrive by no later than 6:00 PM. The program will finish by 3:00 PM Sunday.

Due to the large number of participants, the Washington, DC program faces crowded conditions, off-site sleeping arrangements, transportation challenges and meals in shifts.

To avoid these, we urgently request all participants who have already registered for the June 15-17th program, but who live closer to UTS and are driving, to attend the UTS workshop on the 22-24th if possible. Any others who can re-schedule for UTS are encouraged to do so.

At this point, registration for June 15-17th is closed. Those registering for the Blessing Workshop can attend the UTS program on June 22-24th. Those who have been matched by their parents and any Blessed Child 17 years of age or older may participate. Parents are also welcome to attend the entire workshop with their children.

The details of the additional workshop are as follows:

A. Additional Workshop Place and Time
UTS, Barrytown, NY

Friday, June 22nd to Sunday June 24th.

Workshop will begin Friday at 6PM and end on Sun. at approx. 3:00PM.

Nearest airport is Albany, NY (70 minutes by car). Rent a car from there. New York City airports (Newark, La Guardia & JFK) are 2-3 hours from UTS by car, or take the airport limousine bus to Manhattan, and an Amtrak train north from Penn Station to Rhinecliff, NY. We can pick you up at the Rhinecliff Station if you inform us in advance.

B. Who can attend
2nd Generation blessing candidates, those who have been matched by their parents or any second generation 17 years and older is invited to attend, and their parents are invited as well.

C. Workshop fee:
$120 per participant.

D. What to prepare
Clothes and toiletries, pen and notebook and sleeping bags.

E. Workshop Registration
All participants MUST register IN ADVANCE.
Register online at

F. Program and Presenters
Main presenter will be Rev. Phillip Schanker, VP for Education of the FFWPU, with testimonies from elder 2nd Generation couples, some special guest presenters, and lots of time for recreation, discussion and fellowship as well.

G. For further information contact:
Rev. Inguk Seo
Director of 2nd Generation Blessing Department

Most sincerely,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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