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July 5, 2007 World Culture and Sports Festival Blessing: All Participants and Districts Should Report Immediately

Chang Shik Yang
May 31, 2007


TO: District Directors, Blessed Family Department Representatives, All 1st and 2nd Generation Couples Participating in the WCSF Blessing
FROM: Blessed Family Department
DATE: May 31, 2007
RE: July 5, 2007 World Culture and Sports Festival Blessing: All Participants and Districts Should Report Immediately

In order for the World Mission Department and WCSF staff to properly prepare for the Blessing Ceremony on July 5, 2007, each nation must accurately report those couples who plan to participate in the ceremony.

A May 10, 2007 memo instructed all 2nd Generation couples in the USA to submit application forms to HQ by TODAY, May 31. Any matched first or second generation couples who plan to attend the WCSF Blessing but have not yet applied or registered, MUST do so immediately.

Each District-level HQ and BFD is responsible to gather the information regarding participating couples.

Please consider the following initial information regarding the Blessing and the schedule of events, including the prospective matching, and report as instructed below.

I. Date of the Blessing Ceremony:
Thursday, July 5th, 2007, at 11:00 AM in Korea.

II. Official Schedule:
Participants already matched should arrive in Korea by July 3rd, and can leave Korea on July 6th or later (some tours or activities may be organized on the 6th). Further details will follow soon.

III. Matching:
No official announcement has been made regarding the date, time and location of the matching. It is expected to occur between June 25th and July 2nd.

IV. How to Report Your Attendance:
Matched participants should report to your District HQ. Each District HQ should establish a reporting channel for members to your District BFD or Blessing Coordinator who will in turn report to National HQ. Please report by replying to this email include a phone number if you have a questions.

V. District Reports to National HQ:
INITIAL REPORT by Friday, June 1, 5:00 PM. Districts should not wait for couples to report, but each district should work through church leaders, youth ministries and BFD representatives to gather the best estimate of the following categories, and communicate these via Email, which will reach the national offices of BOTH the BFD and the 2nd Generation Blessing Department:

A. Matched Couples Planning to Attend the WCSF Blessing

1) Second Generation matched couples
2) First Generation matched couples
3) Previously married couples

B. Single Candidates Seeking to Participate in True Parents' Matching

1) Second Generation candidates
2) First Generation candidates
3) Ambassadors for Peace, Clergy or other affiliated candidates

The initial report is due by 5:00 PM this Friday, June 1, 2007, and should be updated weekly. Please report the following categories, with totals included.

VI. Submitting Applications for Matching or Blessing:

Those who have not yet submitted applications for this matching or Blessing should do so IMMEDIATELY. A detailed memo regarding the application and preparation process will follow within 24 hours. We will continue to provide updated information as it becomes available. Second Generation candidates can also refer to MEMO- NHQ 2GD - 07 - 004 distributed on May 10, 2007, for initial information.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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