The Words of the Yang Family

Invitation to April 2007 Middle-East Peace Initiative

Chang Shik Yang
March 10, 2007

Universal Peace Federation - Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace

Dear Ambassadors for Peace and Religious Leaders,

You are invited to join us for a most historic journey for Peace in the Middle East. Jerusalem just welcomed us again as did the West Bank and Amman, Jordan in our October trip. You are needed as a person of faith to help the peace process in the Holy Land. As Ambassadors for Peace we will embrace our colleagues in the Holy Land who are from all faith traditions. These conferences of Ambassadors for Peace are made in cooperation with the American Clergy Leadership Conference, the Family Federation for World Peace, and the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and have been joined by leaders from all continents of the world.

In addition to going to historic sites will also conduct a major Symposia for Peace in Jerusalem that will draw experts from all sides of the issues at hand. Our theme: "The Family of Abraham: One Family Under God" You will be in dialogue with some of the key religious leaders of the "family of Abraham" and be directly engaging in ways to support their efforts for understanding and cooperation. Together with key Jews, Christians and Muslims you will participate in the affirmation of a "Peace Proclamation" that will be announced at the conclusion of our symposia.

The founders of the Ambassadors for Peace initiative, the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are calling upon the finest statesmen and people of faith to join together in the Holy Land for this special journey for peace. We are pleased to invite you to join this effort. Our work is now being recognized by leading figures in government, religion, civil society and among faith-based NGOs, as well as by leading Jews, Muslims and Christians both in Israel and Palestine. We will be going at a most important time in the peace process.

You will not only be involved with the current efforts for Peace and Dialogue but you will gain a tremendous sense of meaning and purpose as we visit the historic and holy sites in Jerusalem, Gethsemane, the sea of Galilee and the Upper Room. We will meet and work with the Ambassadors for Peace in the Holy Land – our colleagues and brothers and sisters, and will hear their testimonies of tears and triumph in the work for Peace. You will meet not only experts in the peace process and engage them in dialogue but also you will meet the amazing people of the bereaved families who have lost children in the conflict (in bus bombings and military conflict) who have transcended hatred and joined together as "one family" to end the bloodshed. We will also engage in a special effort to "serve" the people by sharing with them the heart and spirit of love that is rooted in the practice of our faith traditions. We are confident that it will strengthen your faith and hope for peace for the Middle East and the World.

All participants are to make their own travel arrangements, landing in Tel Aviv and arriving in Jerusalem as early as possible on Tuesday, April 10th with departures in the evening on Monday, April 16th. Our attached information sheet will have the prices of our group rates for all accommodations, meals and tours. -- Also attached is a draft schedule for this historic journey. See you in the Holy Land.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
IIFWP North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins
Co- Chairman

James P. Flynn
Secretary General

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