The Words of the Yang Family

ACLC Convocation in Houston; MEPI April 10 - 16; 12,000 Peace Message Events; HDFC

Chang Shik Yang
March 10, 2007



TO: All FFWPU Leaders, All Directors of Related Organizations,
All Blessed Families and Members.
FROM: Dr.Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
DATE March 10, 2007
RE: ACLC Convocation in Houston; MEPI April 10 - 16; 12,000 Peace Message Events; HDFC

We sincerely thank our District Directors for leading America through a new time in the Providence. We also want to sincerely thank all blessed families for the tremendous support of the New Beginning Workshop. Many more families connected that were not previously known. Please reach out to them and embrace them in your HDFC (homes). Many miracles are occurring. The American movement is now standing on a completely new foundation to realize the dreams that God and True Parent's share for this great Elder Son Nation. During the 12 city tour Hyun Jin Nim expressed such a feeling of hope for America that we really are ready to bring this nation back to its original purpose as the nation that can lead the world on the foundation of faith in God. True Parents are now in Hawaii and preparing for the dedication of the Hawaii King Garden in Kona.

ACLC Convocation in Houston:

Wednesday, March 22 - 24th, Sheraton North Houston Hotel, Houston, Texas. $150 for ACLC members; $200 for non members. Prices jump up on March 14th!! All clergy and ACLC outreach leaders and coordinators are welcome. Email your state or district headquarters for invitation letters and information.

Middle East Peace Initiative:

Tuesday, April 10 - Monday, April 16. Each district has a goal of 3 Ambassadors for Peace (academics, women leaders, civic leaders, etc.), plus 3 clergy. The US will be joined by Europe, Russia and UN participants. The program of 6 nights and 7 days will be focused in Jerusalem. The cost is $695 per participant, which includes accommodations, meals, ground transportation and tours. In addition, each participant is responsible for their own transportation to and from Tel Aviv. This promises to be one of the most significant trips ever. (Invitational materials can be obtained from your local pastor or district headquarters office

12,000 Peace Messages Campaign:

All blessed central families and members are strongly encouraged to support the campaign for "Peace Blessing Speaking Tours by 12,000 Ambassadors for Peace and FFWPU Leaders." This campaign focuses on Peace Message #10 - "God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality". The District Directors have developed clear plans and goals to implement this campaign. Please follow the local guidelines from your district headquarters. Our worldwide goal is to complete this initiative by True Parents' Day on April 17th. Reporting is critical. Please support your states and districts by diligently reporting all events and readings of the messages that occur. Please invest your heart to share God's word with others.

6th World Peace Tour (includes the 12,000 peace message events in every country) also includes America receiving Ambassadors for Peace from Korea and America sending Ambassadors for Peace to the world. 15 Korean Ambassadors for Peace are coming on March 19th - 23rd. Please support those events. One Korean Ambassador for Peace will come to each district. Please support your district's program with these Korean AFPs.

The District Directors and I spoke at 13 or more such events in Korea at the end of last month. We saw the passion and commitment in high level Korean dignitaries as they engaged with Father's peace message. Just as with the American religious leaders who went out to the world last fall, this was a totally transforming experience for all participants.

Hoon Dok Family Church:

This is the main internal focus for the development of blessed central families and outreach to other families. Many significant developments are occurring as our blessed families have formed these groups. Please bring the many new families who came to the New Beginnings Workshop to your home for HDFC. Rev. Cotter -- our National Director has a wonderful set of guidelines that have been helping our families go forward with this significant development.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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