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All Blessed Families pick their tribe next two Sundays - Hyun Jin Nim's Tour - Grace Workshop

Chang Shik Yang
January 14, 2007



To: All FFWPU leaders and members and leaders of related organizations
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: January 14, 2007
Re: All Blessed Families pick their tribe next two Sundays - Hyun Jin Nim's Tour - Grace Workshop

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with you as we seek to fulfill the motto of this year: Ok Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace. Centering on the True Family's three generational blessing, unity and victory, we could fulfill the 4th and 5th World Peace Tours and set the foundation for the Elder Son nation to fulfill what is required for the Peace Kingdom.

All blessed central families select their tribes the next two Sundays:

All Blessed Central Families are to be organized into tribes centering on the Bering Strait project by drawing your tribal number in your local church on Sunday, January 14th or Sunday, January 21st. All Blessed Central Families should participate except those who drew their tribe number at Chung Pyung in June of 2006 at the Commemorative Events for the Entrance Ceremony for the Original Peace Palace. The blessed husband or wife should draw for their tribe. The husband or wife of a blessed 2nd generation couple should draw separately from their parents. Registration should take place at the Sunday Service by filling out the paper that is drawn and submitting it. Single members do not draw their tribe – only blessed members.

Please be sure to record the number drawn for future reference. Instructions will follow as to the meaning of this tribal organization. During the God's Day celebration, each of the 12 Regions (former continents) of the world was assigned a member of True Family as True Parents' representative. Tribal leaders were also assigned by lottery from among the leadership.

Each state should send a list of all those families participating and the tribe number selected to the District headquarters by Sunday night, January 21st. Districts should submit their reports to National HQ by 5 PM on, Monday, January 22nd.

List of 12 Tribes Organization by Country

Special Tour of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon:

We are excited that Dr. Hyun Jin Moon will be touring America to meet the clergy and the Ambassadors for Peace who participated in the 4th and 5th World Peace Tours. The first evening will be an inspirational meeting in one of the ACLC churches. The theme is "A Call to Action: God's Peace Kingdom is at Hand!! Please bring all the Christian foundation that True Parents have established over the last 24 years, as well as 5 key leaders (including youth ministers) from each ACLC church. The Ambassadors for Peace who participated in the World Tour will be honored in this evening meeting.

The next morning all families, including teenage youth, are asked to attend the Hoon Dok Hae prayer service. This will be followed by a special breakfast meeting for key high-level Ambassadors for Peace.

This tour will be uplifting and heart-warming, as Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is coming to thank the Ambassadors for Peace and give them a vision of the future. He is also developing a new initiative for Youth Ambassadors for Peace, under the auspices of Youth Federation for World Peace. Father said recently in his address on October 21st in a special commemoration of World CARP, " ...We need peace ambassadors, from kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, etc. Go around the world and raise the Peace Ambassadors to be sons and daughters of God. You will become spiritual parents and their grandparents, and you will become eligible to go with Parents in spiritual world…. bless them and spread the grace. Make the condition of sincerity to raise them toward the family ideal; one might become a president, important persons."

Dr. Hyung Jin Moon - 12 City USA Peace Tour - Venue Information

Special Grace Workshop:

Please register now for the Special Grace workshop with Dae Mo Nim. Deadline for registration with your District Headquarters is Wednesday, January 31st. Please pay special attention to the January 11th memo entitled "New Procedure to Offer Donations for Special Events." Note: The workshop fee of $150 per family is a separate payment to be made to the District headquarters by regular methods. Please reach out to all who were ever connected to our Church and True Parents and encourage them to participate. All are welcome.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director - FFWPU
United States of America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins
President - FFWPU
Unites States of America

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