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Blessing In Korea - American participation not emphasized at this time, Amnesty Workshop is the Priority

Chang Shik Yang
January 12, 2007

TO: District Directors
FROM: Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins
RE: Blessing In Korea - American participation not emphazised at this time, Amnesty Workshop is the Priority
DATE: January 12, 2007

I have just clarified with Dr. Yang about the blessing in Korea in February. He just spoke with Rev. Hwang in Korea. The main purpose is to offer the blessing to Children of Ambassadors for Peace. Upon request it was opened up more widely for Second Generation who were already matched.

America does not need to focus on this blessing. It was mainly for Children of Ambassadors for Peace and then expanded to Second Generation. Still many standards and questions to be clarified due to the grace workshop. Therefore we are asking American Blessed Families to focus first on the Amnesty / Grace workshop and wait for the Blessing that is tentatively scheduled in Korea for the World Culture and Sports Festival.

If there are Second Generation who are already matched, they are permitted to go. However again we are encouraging everyone to focus on the Grace workshop and education between now and the Blessing at the WCSF this summer.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
FFWPU North American

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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