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"Every book we give is precious:" Testimonies of NJ Members who completed the Distribution of 430 Autobiographies

Hiromi Yamane
September 16 2010
New Jersey

It was truly a time of pleasure when I carried out my outreach activity distributing 430 copies of True Father's autobiography.

Previously, I had been given the opportunity to attend the celebration of True Parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas. At the celebration, True Father said, "Reach out to people through distributing the autobiography." Even though I had already heard about this outreach activity taking place in Korea, I did not know about the distribution taking place in America. However, the words of True Father remained deep in my heart.

Later on, I found out that we could purchase the books at our local church. Although I had no idea who I should distribute the books to, I bought 430 books to distribute any way. This created stacks of books in my room. Looking at those stacks, I asked God and True Parents continuously for many days, "Who do you want to call on through my body and mouth?" I began to talk to people, one by one, on the street, on the bus, at the park, and from shop to shop. Gradually the number of people who accepted the book increased; one person here, two people there, etc.

What I discovered by meeting and talking to the people from various races, religions and ages was that many of them felt there is something wrong with the world they are in. However, though they are aware of this, they do not know how it should be resolved. There were some people who talked passionately about world peace, God, religious problems, and environmental problems; however, a Lord of Second Advent was never mentioned. No possibility of a savior or of True Parents.

Another thing I discovered was that many people knew of True Father. Christians knew about him well, however even non-Christians were able to Father just by looking at his name and face on the book. They would say, "He started the church at 5th Ave. and 43rd St.," and "The New Yorker Hotel at 8th Ave. and 34th St. also belonged to Rev. Moon." They also curiously asked questions about him such as, "Is the church still located there? Where is he now? How old is he now?'

The following are four points to sum up comments I heard on why Rev. Moon is famous:

1) He is a rich business man.

2) He proclaims himself as the Messiah.

3) He chooses partners for many men and women, and marries them.

4) He was imprisoned because of tax problems.

There was one man I met who knew of True Parents when he first came to America. He was a high school student at that time, and he said, "I believed that he was a bad man because everybody told me 'he is no good'." I felt very hopeful after having a conversation with him because he is now a grown-up and is able to confirm facts with his own eyes and ears, as well as judge things for himself.

I also had heartistic encounters with people. I felt directly from them that the heart of True Parents, who have invested True Love in this nation for many years; and the sweat and tears of many brothers and sisters, have taken roots deeply and firmly in this nation of America.

I recognized through people I met through the distribution that this nation of America, which is the Christian nation God loves dearly, still has the spirit of the Puritans, who came from England by the Mayflower. I also faced the painful reality that many people still could not accept Father due to the wrong image of him that was portrayed in the past. However, we have entered into the wonderful age when we can directly introduce the true image of True Father through his own autobiography. I am very grateful to God and True Parents for being given the great opportunity to testify to them with confidence and conviction, even though my English is poor.

I could not help but feel the assistance from the spirit world during the distribution of this autobiography. Thousands of absolute good spirits and Jesus were with me and helped me the entire time. How could I imagine that a person like me, who does not speak English well and is not a social person at all, can accomplish this task alone? It is usually very difficult for me even to talk to strangers. I felt that the spirit world and spirit people have been waiting for a person like me, who has a physical body, to make the first step with courage, however small it may be.

When I look back now, I feel that God loved me unconditionally during this period and it was filled with God's abundant blessing. Thank you very much. 

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