The Words of the Yamada Family

Matching Experience - Blessed in Korea, July 26, 2004

Shingo Yamada and Mitsuyo Ikeno
January 23, 2005

Before I start to write this testimony I would like to thank Heavenly Father and our True Parents for helping guide both Mitsuyo and I and our Families during the matching period. Also I would like to thank Mitsuyo for putting up with me, even with my faults and points that I still need to work on. I really hope both of our testimonies can reach out to not only the 2nd Generation but also the Blessed Families as well.

Probably one of the deepest moments of my life was during the matching period with Mitsuyo. During this time I really found my God. I discovered Godís heart not just to me, but also to my future spouse, and to those around me. It was the most intimate moment of my life with God.

Mitsuyo and I were matched for a year and 40 days till we got blessed just last July in Korea. However, during that time it wasnít always easy. In fact there was tension between my parents and Mitsuyo. However, when I prayed I kept asking God, "Heavenly Father, what can I do for your daughter? What can I do for her to make her feel your heart?" And the first thing that came to my heart was the impulse to truly love her unconditionally, no matter what. Even though at time it was hard for her to receive that love, what kept me going was understanding Heavenly Father, True Parents, and my own parentsí heart. Heavenly Father, True Parents and my own physical parents love me unconditionally; however, honestly I have blocked myself from receiving love from them so many times and neglecting them and their love. I canít imagine how much I must have brought them to tears. However, even though this happens they still have the heart to love me as their Son. I really took this point to heart and it kept me going to love Mitsuyo more and more every day no matter what happened in our relationship.

Seeing each other from Godís perspective really helped both of us to deepen our relationship. Because there are so many things that could separate us externally; we had to discover each otherís inner beauty that we could offer one another. Seeing through Godís eyes and loving the person for who they are internally rather than externally, and seeing what we could sincerely give one another in heart helped us breakthrough.

Another thing that I feel was essential to our Matching was both Mitsuyo and I understanding the purpose and meaning of the matching and Blessing. We both saw the matching and Blessing as something that is not just for ourselves but for God, True Parents, our families, and for those around this really helped Mitsuyo and I. We both realized that the matching and the Blessing were bringing two families and ancestors together. Also we really felt that God and True Parents brought us together to bring each other and our families closer to them and understand their heart. Even though we did not know each other at all these were some of the main points that helped us pull through in the matching.

Also to have patience with each other is really important. I am not perfect, neither is Mitsuyo; however, to have patience with each other really helped us deepen our relationship. I know there could have been so many times where I could have made Mitsuyo lose her patience; however, because of her heart she really could forgive me for my shortcomings.

Lastly, before I end this testimony I would like to say that I learned a lot from my parents. They have taught me a lot about the blessing. Parents have a crucial role when it comes to the matching. The person closest to Heavenly Father in your family is your parent. That is why you need to be honest with your parents and by being honest with your parents itís being honest to Heavenly Father. I feel that it is important for the parent and child to do a condition together for the matching.

Mitsuyo and I are hoping that our testimony will help 2nd generation and also their parents in the matching. This is a life changing experience and it should be taken seriously. That is why Mitsuyo and I feel that setting conditions together is very important for the families when it comes to the preparation for the matching, during the matching and also in the blessing. Every families experience is very different, but the purpose for the blessing is the same it is to create a pure lineage for Heavenly Father and True Parents. You need to place Heavenly Father first especially in a decision such as this. Thank you for your time to read this testimony.

With True Love,
Shingo Yamada and Mitsuyo-Ikeno-Yamada

PS. If there are further questions from 2nd or their parents please feel free to write.

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