The Words of the Yakawich Family

About what transpired before, during and after I traveled to Mongolia

Michael Yakawich
November 20, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you for your replies and requests regarding past memos about me, Montana Mike! Thank you for speaking honestly with what you know.

I know I have shared about what transpired before, during and after I traveled to Mongolia. Forgive me for being redundant. Nevertheless, I will attempt to add to and/or set the record straight to our best degree… at least for those of you who care to know.

First, I find it a real puzzle that someone(s) can be such a good authority of me when:

a. They talked personally with me once in 20+ years while standing in line at a cafeteria for STF workshop at Estes Park in Colorado lasting approximately 10-15 minutes in length- way before any decision to go to Mongolia or dismissal…and claim they know me so well?

b. From my records, in the past 25 years perhaps 2-3 personal e-mails/letters have passed between us…and that is at the very most…and they know me so well?

c. One does not even know what city I have lived in for the past 20+ years! I do not live in Missoula.

d. Or I met briefly in a hotel lobby for 15 minutes… and they are experts on my life!

Next, I choose not to blog. Yet, I have corresponded with certain people. And I thank them without ever asking them for their courage in setting the record straight.

I do not wish to cut down others who are so inaccurate. Yet, I find it curious why would they tell such half-truths? (Since we have saved all correspondence during this time, we are confident that what is written is also documented.)

Like many, I have known Hyun Jin Moon. Yes, for the past ten years my wife has served True Family including True Father and True Mother, Kook Jin Nim, and other True Family in Billings and as well as at the Ranch in Montana. Ironically, in one visit the Regional Director sat in our backyard with his wife and after we reported my wife's work at the Ranch, they gave her approval to continue (Autumn of 2010).

This does not mean since my wife was and is working at the Ranch periodically that I had become well acquainted with Hyun Jin Moon. Certainly, many Montana Families came to meet him and his wife on occasions and found them to be kind, compassionate, professional, warm and embracing as in the way they had treated my wife. Likewise there were many occasions over the years that many Montana Families were actually invited to the Ranch and were served food and barbequing personally (by both him and his wife) when we would return from Camp Tongil in Washington (second generation workshops). Due to this, I became more curious, deeply moved and inspired to seek out more of who he is and what his Global Peace work was all about.

In prayer and much consideration, I was in fact moved by God and the Holy Spirit to go to Mongolia to see Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, his staff, and all his work incorporated in that Global Peace Festival. I had heard great things about it and was intrigued to see for myself. Yes, I was invited as a guest not as staff and helped financially to go. (As my flower sales did not allow such an opportunity at that time.) And, it was there that I found Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the incredible legacy of True Parents taking place in action.

Next, it is true that I did write a personal letter to all members in Montana stating that I was going to Mongolia. The timing could have been better as my choice to send a letter to them was indeed last minute, as my decision to go was also last minute. However, I did report personally to some but not all local elders. It is true I did not report to the District Director about my trip as I felt it was not necessary nor did I need to gain his permission. I did not personally believe then that to travel to a GPF was barred or prohibited, as I had never been told that it was.

As a note: I had not stepped down from my ministry nor did I expect to or plan to step down from my ministry. I was dismissed. As I did feel strongly called by God to go to the Global Peace Festival, I did not in my naiveté ever consider that such a trip would have such repercussions. The development of the local ministry had changed so much with no local sermons being given and a multi-media approach to the services…so I was indeed intrigued by what GPFF was talking about and doing in regards to the Providence.

On my way home from Mongolia at the airport in Seoul, I called my wife. She said that at church that day (Sunday) I was "immediately suspended". The letter suspending me was read in front of my wife, and in front of seven other elders. I never suspected that comments would be made by them without my presence or any defense. Subsequently, the District Leader and his wife traveled to Montana having already decided (as he had received directions from others already) to remove me or as it was called, "dismiss" me from my position. I was very shocked by the chain of events as I did not prepare nor consider any defense or justification. The fact is that an e-mail was sent before the District Leader arrived, stating that he would make the decision about who the next state leader would be.

At our last and final meeting with the District Leader, since my wife and I had already known we were to be dismissed, we came prepared and presented him with certain paper work that would insure the church bills would be paid, the books would be well managed and a list of local church responsibilities would be appropriately passed on to the next person- plus my key to the church.

As a consequence of this abrupt dismissal and the ramifications of all that has transpired in the past year, our community is in much disarray. Much of the non-Unification Church community as well as the Unification Church community are well aware of what has happened. It has not inspired many to look with favor on our local Unification Church. It has reduced our credibility and participation among the community. Our second generation- especially those who were in youth leadership and showed any love toward Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, were bullied and belittled and ceased to be in leadership. The members are not well from all of this nor I am sure anticipated such a tragedy on the local level.

My family and I continue to pray for True Family and our entire movement. We do not see ourselves as being separate, but rather as being aligned with God's providence, True Family and True Father's legacy as a Blessed Central Family.

Respectfully yours,
Michael Yakawich 

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