The Words of the Yakawich Family

Unification Church's Statement on Michael Yakawich's end of employment

Joshua Cotter
September 20, 2011

Pastor Mike Yakawich attended the GPF in Mongolia without informing his District Pastor, Rev. Larry Krishnek. GPF activities are not approved nor authorized by True Parents. Therefore, Unification Church pastors should not in any way give their support. This has been the policy for the past two years and is applicable to every pastor of the Unification Church in America.

Upon hearing of the violation of this policy, I notified Rev. Krishnek to inform Mike that he was suspended as pastor pending an interview with Rev. Krishnek.

When he did meet with Rev. Krishnek two days after his return from Mongolia, he offered no explanation nor repentance and agreed to resign. He was not fired. This development was entirely a consequence of his own actions.

Rev. Joshua Cotter
Executive Vice President

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