The Words of the Yakawich Family

Bound on Earth, Bound in Heaven

Mike Yakawich
October 2010

The Yakawich family, including children Joe, John, Naomi, Luke and Jacob, distributed 430 copies of Father's memoirs by July 3. Each week, Pastor Mike Yakawich of our church in the U.S. city of Billings, Montana, wrote a brief report to his district director Rev. Larry Krishnek and acting assistant director Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger, describing his family's efforts. What follows are three of those reports, outlining their experiences:

Dear Rev. Wiesinger:

June 14, 2010

This week we will begin the Yakawich Family Book Campaign. Now that we have completed our 13th Annual March Against Drugs and Violence, we can focus on this great project. I figure I will start the ball rolling for our state. When we do, I can offer ideas as to what we are doing. We have some ideas and will apply them first. We certainly enjoy reading this book as a family for Hoon Dok Hae.

Thank you for your guidance,


Dear Reverends:

Our family will submit a check from our personal account next week for the books. This week, mailman, native leaders, TV people, school superintendent, preachers, Buddhists, newspaper, U.S. senators' offices, etc... Friends, one and all, were happy to receive Father's book. Even my older sons are mailing them out to friends. As I gave one to the U.S. senators' offices, at one senator's office my friend Vicky was so grateful and shared with me, "He (Rev. Moon) certainly has been misunderstood. I remember years ago how I felt that they treated him so unfairly. I am very happy to have this book and will read it. Could I have one extra for the office as well?" While in the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council Office, we handed out three books and one more that a co-worker requested. I gave one to someone who does a lot of suicide prevention work with me. He said, "Wow, what a gift! This book is a special gift. Here, this is a watch with a beaded wrist band for you in honor of this book you gave me. Take it as my gift to you." God is excited that we give this book out. Total: over 200.

Respectfully yours,


Dear Reverends:

Our family prepared 56 books the night before. Each book had a letter of introduction and was wrapped in a nice clear plastic bag. Some were placed in gift bags. My three younger boys, my daughter and I departed the next day to the Crow Nation' about an hour and a half from Billings. We visited the executive and legislative branches of the Crow Nation government as well as the college and local churches.

One legislator was very inspired by the book gift and gave a beautiful Crow Nation lapel pin. The legislative branch attorney recalled the work of our church in Billings and wished us well. He said he was grateful for a thank you letter he received after purchasing flowers from me for Mother's Day. He said he was sincerely moved by the effort being made to hand out the books. He not only received the book but donated $15.

At a few locations the executive secretaries not only received one of Father's books but requested two or three more to give to their co-workers. The Dean of Students at the college was very happy to take extra books to give to others on the college staff. Our children did exceptionally well helping break the ice and were good ambassadors for True Father. Some people they met commented that they looked Native American (They have a Japanese mom and an American dad).

Walking in the halls of the Tribal Building, some elders stopped me and said, "Flower Man what are you doing?" "Passing out Bibles," they asked? (As a business, I sell flowers on the reservation and elsewhere.) I replied, "Not Bibles but a book from the founder of my church! I have one for you as well." They seemed grateful to each receive True Father's book.

One of their spiritual leaders who has known me for many years happily received the book. He is a former Bureau of Indian Affairs policeman and now works for the tribe. He also gave a special prayer of blessing over the young people helping me that day. Later, we gave some books to local churches.

It was 99° F (37° C) today as we all walked and worked at the Crow Agency and Hardin, Montana. Perhaps the Holy Spirit was hot today as well. We were blessed to hand out all 56 books. Our family is at 364 books distributed.

Respectfully yours,


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