The Words of the Yakawich Family

Montana Family Church South Park Retreat

Mike Yakawich
July 10, 2009

Montana’s Annual Family Church South Park Retreat took place on Sunday and Monday, June 21st and 22nd, 2009. The first day included Sunday Service at our Family church, followed by a potluck dinner at the Central Park.

On Monday, our church members gathered for a wonderful morning of education at South Park, which is a block away from our church. Our youth had prepared their presentations over a period of many weeks. The older Sunday School students gave an excellent lecture on the Parallels of History, taking turns under the leadership of Kendall DiLorenzo. Luke Yakawich, Curran Woods, Robert Martin, and Lincoln DiLorenzo used very few notes as they charted this amazing historical course of God’s hand in history.

Then Jehremy Felig presented his own lecture on the Last Days. Jehremy is from Great Falls and traveled many miles with his mom to be with us. Again, the presentation was well thought out.

The younger Sunday School students prepared a presentation on the Family Pledge through a puppet show titled, “Harry Potter and the Quest to Fulfill the Eight Pledges.” Under the leadership of their Second Generation Sunday School teacher Naomi Yakawich, this group offered a very inspiring presentation. Akalia Woods, Jacob Yakawich, Elissa DiLorenzo, Aunnika Woods, and Anna DiLorenzo displayed hand-made puppets based on the characters of Harry Potter addressing the themes of the Family Pledge.

Later, Mrs. Marguerite Felig led a group of parents in presentations. Mrs. Felkig spoke on peer pressure and gossiping. Then, Mr. and Mrs. Woods offered an insightful internal guidance lecture on the value of prayer titled “Knowing Our Identity Through Prayer.” Finally, Mrs. Yukiko Yakawich presented a very thoughtful lecture, “The Value of Living With True Family.” Each presentation hit a heartistic cord and encouraged both young and old to reflect.

At one point in the day, Pastor Mike went back to the church to conduct a Blessing ceremony for an ACLC couple who requested him to bless them. Planned a week before, the day was busy, and we felt that nothing is coincidental. We spoke of the Three Blessings in our lectures, and we were indeed able to put these words into action by helping fulfill the Second Blessing of Holy Marriage by conducting this Blessing ceremony at the Family Church.

During lunch, Mr. DiLorenzo shared deeply on the value of his own Blessing and marriage. He encouraged the youth to have hope for their future and dream big. Our retreat proceeded after lunch with our traditional prayer walk through the church, led by Elder Chad Martin. In both the sanctuary and the basement, members held hands and prayed for our facility and the many programs we will hold in the coming months. With great excitement, we then drove to Lake Elmo for a fun afternoon of swimming. We then gathered back at South Park for dinner and graduation certificates. After a delicious barbeque dinner, we fellowshipped and played various games.

It is so inspiring to see all our members gather for two days of education, along with several guests. It, too, was wonderful to have such members as Kimiko DiLorenzo, Fusako Martin, and Junko Thiessen to work behind the scenes to make this a wonderful day.. We are again thankful to Reverend Krishnek for his prayers and support. We are extremely thankful for Father and Mother Moon for their teachings and resources on the Holy Bible, Lord Jesus, and the word of God. We were blessed and were rocked by the Holy Spirit of inspiration. 

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