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Thank you Letter from Pastor Mike Yakawich (UTS'87)

Gillian Corcoran
December 19, 2006

Pastor Mike Yakawich a recipient of the Alumni Awards for Distinguished Achievement, 2006, could not be with us at the CIA and sent this letter that was read by those who received the awards on his behalf.

Dear Dr. Hendricks, Distinguished Leaders, Brother and Sisters:

I am very happy to have my friends, colleagues and classmates, Rev. Jerome and Rev. Jeannie Carroll receives this award on my behalf.

Thank you very much for this nomination and for this remarkable award. To be acknowledged by you and to be included among those others being awarded is humbling and a great highlight of my career.

Behind this great honor, are so many I too acknowledge who have stood next to me, behind me and ahead of me. My wife, my children, the elders of the Montana Board, my instructors at UTS, those church leaders I worked under, Blessed Central Families, missionaries and so many home church members. They have enabled me in achieving all the successes which led to receiving this eminent award.

It has been an incredible journey as a member of this church/movement. I started out with mission work, graduated from UTS and received my first assignment as an assistant pastor in NYC. From there I became senior pastor in Montana, where I have served for the past 18 years. It has been a true privilege.

Yes, being a pastor of this church is a badge of honor. Before my parish, before my community, before my colleagues, the city council, mayor, county commissioners, state senators and US Congressman, I stood before them all with sincere and humble esteem. I am a member of Rev. Moon’s church and proud to be one of his pastors.

Dr. Young Oon Kim was one of my mentors at UTS. I recall the days we would go out and pick herbs. The times we spent in her room drinking tea. Her lectures and tangents on Unification Theology are so memorable. I was deeply touched by her love and compassion as she advised me on my thesis.

So, as I receive this award, I am indeed spurred on to accomplish more. My friends, we are part of the greatest movement in history. Our time has come. I see that UTS is a major key to the success, not only of our movement, but for world peace and kingdom building.

These Young Oon Kim scholarships are investments into the life of an individual and the community, state or nation he or she will serve. I sincerely believe UTS will continue to give birth to great leaders who will transform this world. Overnight, we can reinvigorate and recharge the dedication of our membership. With a renewed passion for our work, our witnessing and our ministry will spread like a mountain fire, roaring with the Holy Spirit.

I receive this award with my own promise to do more for the memory of Dr. Young Oon Kim and for the sake of our True Family. As I recommit my determination, I invite each of you, especially my UTS colleagues, to seek more deeply of your own potential and your own great and awesome abilities to lead and be pastors for God.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Respectfully yours,

Pastor Mike and Yukiko Yakawich

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