The Words of the Yakawich Family

Testimony from Miwan

Michael Yakawich
February 12, 2003

We had our first rally on Monday, February 10th, 2003. Under Rev. Shung Hwan Lee's leadership, we had over 300 people attend. His church members made good plans and preparations ahead of time. Most guests were picked up and transported by bus. We had a great program, lunch, and then everyone was invited to the hotel's sauna for a healthy hot bath. People were very inspired.

We spent some time yesterday at the local Miwan school. This elementary school is famous as a model for education in Korea. We met the principal and vice-principal. They were very happy to spend two hours with us! Some of the second generation go to this school. Later we sang to 4 groups of students both American and Korean songs. The teachers and students were very happy. We truly felt like Ambassadors for Peace and True Parents.

We also have visited local mayors, business leaders, a bank president and others. They are very happy to meet a group of Korean, Japanese and American representatives. Based on the local members, the guests welcome us and easily sign in support of unification. People are very encouraging. They are grateful we have come to Korea to promote unification. We are honored to be here.

Michael Yakawich, Allan Jessen, Akiko Matsuzaki

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