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Impact: The New CARP Formula Course

Catherine Wright CARP Member 1989-

CARP directors from around the United States met in New York this summer to discuss the need to develop a clear formula course for being a CARP member. We wanted to clearly articulate the opportunities, and the expectations, of CARP membership. Here is the first report from the committee chair

The Mission of CARP

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles is an association of students committed to lifestyle of purity and public service, through the study and practice of the Unification Principle taught by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Goals: To foster spiritual growth through an in-depth study of the Unification Principle

The purpose of the IMPACT program is to develop a standardized structure for incoming CARP members, whether they are 1st or 2nd generation. It is our hope that this system will help young CARP members strengthen their life of faith, and feel called to live a mission oriented life. It is also our hope that seeing this program clearly laid out in advance will help new members, as well as their parents, feel more confident that time devoted to CARP will be beneficial and productive. We are also developing an alumni program for graduates.

Step One

Upon entering the CARP program, the new member is asked to make a commitment to public life for one full year. The year focuses on four main activities: educational programs on the Unification Principle, community service projects, team fundraising and witnessing. Through these activities CARP members will have the opportunity to grow their hearts, meet God and be able to overcome different personal issues. Also they will be able to secure their own belief system and personal relationship with God.

During the first semester, new CARP members are trained together in one or more large centers. They develop sense of family and community that will carry on through the training period. CARP members who will be continuing on to college the following year may also request assistance in the application or deferment process.

CARP members are encouraged, but not required, to offer a second year of public service. The second year is devoted to leadership training. The young members will be expected to take on more responsibility in center life. They will usually be transferred to another, smaller center where they will begin preparation to learn about campus life as a CARP student. There is an opportunity to take classes on a college campus, as well as be involved in campus activities.

Through this balance of center life and taking classes, we expect that the transition into becoming a full time student will be much easier.

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