The Words of the Williams Family

Open Letter to the Faithful and Loyal Leadership of the Unification Church and the Unification Movement

Craig Williams
October 5, 2012
True Parents Messiah Ministries of Las Vegas

In Jin Moon - August 5, 2012

I love In Jin Nim and I personally feel that I cannot judge her and for that matter I believe that I, as a long time American member of the Unification Church in America, cannot judge any member of the True Family.

Even though, I have never been unfaithful to my blessed wife of 30 years, I believe that In Jin Nim's sin is my sin. I will not try to justify, in anyway, her sin, but at the same time, I know that it was not simply her sin that led to this unfortunate turn of events for God's providence at this time, but also my sin.

We all have a judge and I believe that we are entering the time of the separation of the goats and the sheep within our church and our movement before Foundation Day.

Concerning this present situation involving In Jin Nim and her bad and unfortunate choices, I feel that I do not have enough information about the real situation to make a definitive judgment on whether or not this unfortunate situation was simply the result of bad choices by In Jin Nim herself and her husband alone or by the bad choices of a few and maybe many more people working directly around her in her inner circle of staff members, leaders and friends for the past 4 or more years.

What I do know for sure is that the things that happened to In Jin Nim, as with other people and with other True Family members in the past who made bad and unfortunate choices in the personal lives of faith before God and True Parents, could have been avoided if we had had the right Principled-centered family level, church level and community level support systems and networks in place.

It is my strong belief that until these elements principle-based family level, church level and community level support systems and networks are re-established and re-affirmed as truly essential systems and networks of support and guidance by our church leadership, both within the internal and the external church, by our elder member blessing groups throughout the world, and by our regular membership, then we will most likely continue to see tragic events like the one that we have been witnessing and experiencing in the situation involving In Jin Nim and Lovin Life Ministries at this time.

As I told Dr. Yang here in Las Vegas recently during a morning Hoon Dok Hae at True Parents' house, "Leaders having secrets has to end." I also told him that "Leaders with secrets cannot, and, should not be able, to stand as leaders in our church."

The truth is that I tried to setup a meeting with Dr. Yang here in Las Vegas to discuss the situation involving In Jin Nim and what was happening within her closed inner circle of friends and supporters and within her Lovin Life Ministries headquarters staff and also concerning other serious issues involving certain leaders under him.

I waited nearly 6 months and never was able to meet with Dr. Yang.

I did corner him about three months ago at True Parents' house here in Las Vegas and he said that he would meet with me, but again no meeting took place.

Soon after my last attempt to setup a meeting with Dr. Yang to discuss the situation (about three months ago), I sent an email to the State Leader here in Las Vegas, Rev. Stafan Berg, and to the District Pastor, Rev. Mark Tengan, which contained information about the situation at the Lovin Life headquarters involving In Jin Nim and some of people on her staff. I asked Rev. Berg to forward the email to Dr. Yang, the Continental Director at that time.

Dr. Yang told me recently at the Hoon Dok Hae at True Parents house here in Las Vegas that he had never received a copy of the email that I had asked Rev. Berg to forward to him about the situation involving In Jin Nim and members of her close personal staff.

Dr. Yang made it clear during his talk after our recent church wide Hoon Dok Hae here in Las Vegas, that during the last four years, he had only met with In Jin Nim one time supposedly due to the fact that he was here in Las Vegas constantly attending True Parents directly. He told all of the members gathered for the Hoon Dok Hae that he did not know about the situation with In Jin Nim, some of the other problems involving her close staff members and about problems with others in her close inner circle until a few days after True Father's ascension.

My strong belief is that Dr. Yang, as the Continental Director, should have known that something was wrong. I believe that it is a big part of his job as Continental Director and as someone who is closely attending True Parents to investigate whether something serious and dangerous may be happening at our church headquarters or whether anything improper involving church leaders, regardless of what level of leadership they may be serving at, is taking place.

During the short discussion after the Hoon Dok Hae, I let Dr. Yang know that during most of the time that I have been in this church (35 years now), I have seen situations similar to In Jin Nim's situation on various levels and for most of that time I have been quiet. The sad reality for me is that for most of the last 35 years or so, I would simply quietly report what I witnessed personally to my central figure or to a responsible elder who I trusted would report it to higher and higher central figures until someone would ultimately report it to True Parents.

The reality, as I see it now, is that due to the nature of the many closed and isolated inner circles, groups, and small communities of leaders and personal friends that some leaders surround themselves with, like the one that In Jin Nim surrounded herself with for many years, and like the one that I believe Dr. Yang has created for himself here in Las Vegas and in others places, true principled reporting to a higher central figure or responsible elder cannot work the way it should work.

I actually have witnessed for some time now that this type of phenomena can also be found operating at UTS which, in my opinion, has long had their own tightly closed inner circle or group of leaders and administration staff members doing whatever was necessary to protect each other and each other's secrets and thereby preventing any real and true principled reporting about what is really going on at the seminary with its students, with its professors and with its administration staff from taking place.

Our prayer here at True Parents Messiah Ministries of Las Vegas is that our new National President, Rev. Dr. Hyung Jin Nim Moon will work to do away with these closed and isolated inner circles or groups of leaders, church elders and others that presently exist in various locations within the Unification Church USA as part of his overall restructuring and reorganizing efforts that are currently underway.

I personally strongly believe that the situation here in Las Vegas centering on Dr. Yang and his tightly close group of leaders and staff members, the situation involving the current UTS leadership and its Board of Directors, and the other similar situations now existing in other places within our church and within our movement need to be completely investigated.

I also strongly believe that there needs to be true reform as soon as possible if we are to end the history and culture of secrecy, deceit, and abuse of power and authority that has cause so much suffering for God, for True Parents, for the True Family, and for many, many of the precious, faithful, and loyal brothers and sisters and families in our church and in our movement. 

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