The Words of the Williams Family

Bruce G. Williams in Memoriam, 1949-2010

Rhonda Williams
November 17, 2010

On Thursday, November 4th, 2010, Unification Church member Bruce G. Williams passed away after battling complications from his kidney transplant and subsequent heart irregularities for the past year. His Seunghwa memorial ceremony was recently held in Washington D.C. on Saturday, Nov. 13th, 2010.

Bruce Williams was born on Feb. 5, 1949 as the only child of Bruce and Mable Griffen Williams of Norfolk, VA. In the late 60's, Bruce left Hampton Institute in Norfolk to join some communist factions working in the United States, but after a few years he realized that violence would never bring true justice or lasting peace. Bruce G. Williams joined the Unification Church in Washington, D.C. in 1974 after answering an ad for "idealist youth wanting to build a better world."

Bruce was matched in 1979 in an interracial matching to Rhonda M. Auchinleck and blessed in 1982 in the 2075 couple Blessing held at Madison Square Garden. They have four children: Hyangman Joy (23 yrs.), Seungman Victor (20); Wonman Joseph (18); and Jinman Michael (16).

Bruce was a natural teacher. He preached and counseled in various scenarios, including colleges (often at a moment's notice), conferences large and small, workshops, the kitchen table, or a park bench. He listened for hours to members and guests share their heart and always guided them using the Divine Principle.

He loved the Divine Principle, Unification Thought and internal guidance and developed a way to share True Father's words at the Saturday Academy in Washington, D.C. calling his class, "Practical Application of Spiritual Principles." Professors donating their time to teach at this unique school would drop into Bruce's class to listen to his lectures.

No matter what happened, Bruce's faith in True Parents and the True Family never wavered. He did not hold any resentment and sincerely enjoyed the company of brothers and sisters from all over the world. Clergy, rabbis, and imams all felt comfortable with him.

Bruce served at various times as an American missionary pioneer in Austin, Texas; witnessed and lectured in Seattle, WA; served as Rev. Won Pil Kim's driver for over one year; and under Dr. Bo Hi Pak's direction served with Minority Alliance International to combat racism at the time of True Father's incarceration and afterwards served in the International One World Crusade.

He was ordained as a Coptic priest by the Ethiopian Church in Brooklyn, NY; he worked with ministers through the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy and rallies for religious freedom in New York City; he lectured on numerous campuses and served as assistant pastor to Rev. Richard Buessing in Boston, where he was also ordained as an interdenominational pastor by Bishop Edmonds.

Under Rev. Michael Jenkins' direction, Bruce worked with Civil Rights leaders through the National Association of Citizens Against Racism. As assistant pastor to Rev. Nick Buscovitch during his tour in Washington, D.C. he also led interfaith prayers and weekly inter-cultural programs at the church on Columbia Road.

Bruce worked in Indonesia during the International Exchange Program condition and also went to Norfolk, VA for hometown providence where he worked with Rev. Levy Daugherty teaching Divine Principle. He was appointed National Messiah to the Republic of Georgia and attended numerous conferences and programs in Russia, the Republic of Georgia, and Paraguay.

Bruce was active with the Interracial Reconciliation ministry initiated by Rev. Angelika Selle in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and with the American Clergy Leadership Conference. He lectured the Divine Principle, Unification Thought, and internal guidance at workshops for Unificationists of all generations. He sang with the Washington, D.C. church choir; he supported King Maker publication and served as the sexton of the Washington, D.C. Unification National Cathedral.

Although he would have loved to teach every day of his life, his health declined in his last 11 years. Now that he is free from the limits of a sick body, may he joyfully lecture at the workshops beside the gate to the Heavenly Kingdom.

When the Washington D.C. church was purchased, Dr. Pak assigned Bruce as the caretaker. One time Bruce was checking the boilers in the basement when he was accidentally locked in the building for three days. He must have developed a deep bond during that time of fasting and prayer because throughout the years, he has always demonstrated love for this building. In my husband's honor, I would like to start a fund to restore this building so that it may become a beautiful light -- a source of hope in America's capital. 

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