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Generalizations: Understanding the Different Love Needs of Men and Women, Part 2

John Williams
November 13, 2007

A Free Teleclass for Stronger Family Relationships

A joint project of the Coaching Ministry of the Family Department of the Family Federation for World Peace and the Couples Learning Center

When? Thursday, November 15, 2007, 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00-7:00pm Pacific). Please come on a few minutes early and say hello.

Where? On your phone in a comfortable, quiet environment.

What? "Why can't a woman be more like a man?," Henry Higgins lamented in My Fair Lady. Harmonizing a man and woman in marriage is not easy-the very same differences of brain and body that fascinate us can also frustrate us and foster misunderstandings. Specifically, the things that most women need to feel loved are not what most men need, and vice versa (at least, they are not given the same priority). This presentation will review the top 5 needs for each gender, with a question and answer period at the end.

How Much? The class is free. The only expense is the cost of a long-distance call.

Who? The class is intended for anyone who wants to enhance their family relationships.

John Williams will give the presentation and facilitate the discussion. John is a trained relationship educator and couples coach, author, and professor. He has a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Masters in Religious Education. He has a funny and engaging style. John and his wife Cathy, a 2075 couple, live in Clifton, New Jersey, with their teenage daughter, Jonica. (For more information about John, visit

Why? The class is part of a series of educational teleclasses that will be held approximately every month to encourage the building of healthy and happy family relationships through education. You're likely to learn something helpful for yourself or loved ones.

How does a teleclass work? You will be given a phone number and a code to hook up to the conference call. When you are connected, you can join in and listen. You may also receive by email some basic notes on the topic once you have signed up for teleclasses.

Because there are so many participants, it is not possible for everyone to engage in a discussion during the presentation. There will be a period for questions and comments at the end, however, and the line will stay open for informal discussion after the class period ends.

If the class is successfully recorded, you will be able to listen to it, as well as past teleclasses, on the BFD website. See and click on "Free TeleSeminars."

Confidentiality: The class will be taped for posting online, so please be mindful of this and offer questions or comments of general interest. Taping will cease after the class officially ends and then you may talk more freely of personal issues if you like.

To register: Email John and put "teleclass" in the subject line. John will then invite you by email to join a Google Group called FamilyWise FFWP (, to make email communication easier. Reply to that invitation and then you'll receive the teleclass conference call phone number and any notes for the evening. If you have already been registered with Google Groups, you will automatically receive all information needed.

Please invite your friends and family and join us. You'll have an enlightening time!

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