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Skilled Complaining: How to Get Better Results When Asking Loved Ones to Change

John Williams
January 16, 2007

Brothers and Sisters,
Quick reminder to sign up for the Teleconference call on Thursday. It's free. It's presented by John Williams. You have to contact him to sign up.
Jim Stephens

Skilled Complaining: How to Get Better Results When Asking Loved Ones to Change

A Tele-Class for Spouses and Parents. A project of the Coaching Ministry of the Blessed Family Department.

When? Thursday, January 18, 2007, 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00-7:00pm Pacific).

Where? On your phone in a comfortable, quiet environment.

What? When making requests of our spouse or children, sometimes we meet with resistance and defensiveness.

This tele-class will explore various ways of asking for change that can help make our loved ones more receptive; in fact, some approaches are hard to resist!

The tele-class will consist of a series of short explanations followed by practice with several examples. Participants are welcome to ask questions and share experiences.

How Much? The class is free. The phone call itself will cost the amount of a long-distance call. Most homes have an unlimited long-distance calling plan.

Who? John Williams will teach and facilitate the discussion. John is a trained relationship educator and couples coach, author, UTS professor and has been a DP lecturer for many years. He has a funny and engaging style. John and his wife Cathy, a 2075 couple, live in New Jersey.

The class is intended for anyone who wants to be more effective and gain a more positive result when asking their family members to change something.

Why? The class is part of several ongoing educational tele-classes that will be held approximately every two weeks in 2007 to encourage the building of healthy and happy family relationships through education and dialogue.

How does a tele-class work? You will be given a phone number and a code to hook up to the conference call. When you are connected, you introduce yourself and join in the discussion.

If you wish, you can also remain anonymous and just listen and learn. Of course, the more questions and comments there are, the more lively and informative the class will be.

John will also need at least a few participants to join in on the practice exercises. The exercise page will be emailed to you when you register for the tele-class.

Confidentiality: Participants are requested to keep the information learned about another person confidential. You are always welcome, of course, to share your own experience and insights with your family and friends. For the sake of protecting others_ privacy, however, please refrain from using names when discussing the content of the tele-class.

To register: Call or email John Williams. John will then give you the tele-class conference call phone number and email you the exercise sheet.

RSVP requested by Monday, January 15. You'll have a fun and enlightening time!

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