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Million Family March Conference Call

Gerhard Wiesinger
September 2, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of our True Parents. I understand that there may be confusion after yesterday - not only externally but more so in your heart. Many families have made significant sacrifices so that the wives/mothers could go to the 21-day workshop and then everything was changed in the very last minute. I imagine that after getting excited to go to Chung Pyung, some of you may feel very disappointed. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please understand that this direction came directly from True Father who understands your heart but must follow our Heavenly Father's direction and must ask us to do the same.

I have just been on a conference call with Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Regional Directors and Vice Regional Directors.

Here are the main points of this conference call:

* In the course of the meetings at Kodiak, Dr. Yang gave a report to True Parents and all assembled about our movement in America and all its activities in this significant Year 2000. The upcoming Million Family March (MFM) was only briefly mentioned in this report.

* Yesterday morning, True Parents left for Korea. Yesterday evening, True Father asked Won Ju McDevitt to call the US leadership of our movement and ask all sisters who were scheduled to go to CPL to instead stay in America and support the MFM. This was totally unexpected - at the time of the phone call, Dr. Yang was fishing, and Rev. Jenkins was on a plane to Washington, DC. Obviously, God's revelations have their own timetables that often are different from ours.

* This is not Dr. Yang's direction or Rev. Jenkin's direction. This is True Father's direction based on a revelation from God.

* A few weeks back, True Parents met with Minister Farrakhan, Minister Benjamin Muhammad and Sister Claudette of the Nation of Islam. Among other issues, they talked about the MFM. True Father urged Minister Farrakhan to make the march a truly God-centered event completely open to all denominations, all races, all political persuasions, etc. Apparently, Minister Farrakhan agreed.

* The Million-Man March was not open. Minister Farrakhan and the NOI need our support to open the MFM to all faiths and races.

* It appears that about 3 million people will participate in the MFM. Family, of course, also includes children and grand parents

* Minister Farrakhan wants to also include a Blessing in the MFM. True Father recommended the Blessing be carried out with candy.

* Before Malcolm X was shot, he realized that the Black Muslim movement was too narrow, that Islam was to embrace all people. Minister Farrakhan may be at a same point in his life. We should support him at this time.

* Because the MFM will be broadcast on CNN and other news channels, it will be a truly global event, not just an American event.

* Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins will meet with leaders of the NOI on Monday to coordinate our activities. We will have clearer directions after this meeting (there might be a need for sisters from the Western states to go to DC, but again, we should know more after Monday). Please do not yet call the NOI. Please wait until they also have their direction about working with us.

* There is no information yet when and where the 21-day workshop and the Meeting of Grace will be held.

* This new direction to Blessed Couples living in America, particularly those of the 8000 Blessing, shows that True Parents clearly consider these couples to be united with them in heart. True Parents trust them to turn around America and the world by claiming a tremendous victory for God at the MFM.

God bless you,

Gerhard Wiesinger
Northwest Vice Regional Director 

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