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Lisa Widenhofer
February 2004
Norwegian HARP Committee

In January we met up on three occasions: God's Day, FR and one HARP meeting.

God's Day On God's Day we played Capture the Flag (with many freezing toes, even though we are tough Vikings) and then we played Yute to the great amusement of all the kids. In the evening we had entertainment, where many of the young HARPies performed.

FR and HARP meeting On the 17th we went FR for about two hours, and it was the first time for the youngest. There were six of us all together. And they were very inspired, and all wished we could have gone for longer. After FR we went home to the HARP parents, and had a delicious dinner lovingly prepared by our HARP-mom, and then we watched a movie together.

The day after we presented the STF DVD for everybody, including the parents, and they thought it was GREAT! Especially the parents enjoyed it, and the fact that they could physically see what they would be sending their kids off to in the future was good for them. Later on we had our meeting where reports were given from the HARP Leaders Meeting and the FR.

God bless every single one of you, and next time you look at something beautiful, remember He created it just for you! MANSEI! Love Norway

Lisa Widenhofer
Norwegian HARP Committee

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