The Words of the Wetherall Family

Sunghwa University Theological Seminary

Daniela S. Wetherall
October 18, 1989
Chonan, Korea

The first completed building, Sunghwa University.

I would like to share with you the precious experience I had today, October 18th, 1989. First, let me provide some information about my present activity here in our fatherland. I came back to Korea on July 21st, after having spent several months in Italy getting ready for a longer stay "overseas." What truly pulled me back here was the chance I had been given to study at the Sunghwa Theological Seminary True Father founded in 1984. Permission to come here is not easily attainable and thus I felt that this was the place Heavenly Father wanted me to stay for some time. Thus, a couple of days after my arrival in Seoul where I met with my husband, I moved to Chonan where the Seminary is located, about 80 kilometers away from the capital.

My mission here is that of a tutor so I teach English, study Korean and attend some theological classes. The students I am helping to take care of are the freshmen of the Intensive English Course, which was started for the first time in March this year (see box). The aim is to provide assistance for them not only with English but also guidance for their growth towards Heavenly Father and True Parents. Thus the challenge to me is very high and I know that only a true standard in my life of faith can provide a good example. But our internal support is not confined only to the above mentioned students, for we try to interrelate with as many students as possible. Many of them are blessed children and I feel a special heart and concern for them. Often I perceive the enormous responsibility ahead of them, as many of these students will be tomorrow's leaders. This alone is a huge task.

International Tutors

The tutors (Andrew from England, Craig and Paul from America and myself from Italy) live in the dormitories together with the students. We are all part of the same 1275 Couple Blessing, January 12, 1989. I share a room with Wendy, an Australian sister working as a secretary for the International Department, still in the foundation stage. Being that my husband is also Australian I distinctly feel that she represents him and Australia, and that loving her will help create a wider foundation for my future family. In addition, there are five Western professors living off-campus: three from America, one from England and one from Germany.

The schedule is intense for everyone and everyday life is an amazing experience. Since many things are still on a foundation level, we all feel like pioneers. There are about 450 Korean students so the Western presence here is like a drop of water in the ocean; but we do create our own waves!

Since my arrival here I have had recurring dreams of True Parents. All of them are trying to convey some important messages and guidance for my present life. One of them particularly struck my attention: in the dream True Father was showing me every room inside the building and it appeared as if everything was about to crumble or had just crumbled, for there was chaos everywhere. True Father, always standing on the threshold of the different rooms, was asking me through thought communication, to take care and save whatever could be saved in the various situations. Above all, I could feel his heart in not wanting me to leave this place. For quite a while I pondered on the significance of the dream and I have come to the conclusion that this is where I want to completely invest myself.

Father visits the Seminary -- Daniela is standing beside him.

Preparing for True Parents

When I first came here, I was told that True Father likes coming here a lot. Because of this, the seminary has been preparing a beautiful suite for True Parents so that they will be able to spend some time here. Last time True Father was here was Wednesday, June 21, just a month before my arrival. Today is Wednesday, October 18! Last weekend when we heard the news that the Ministry of Culture had finally given permission to the Seminary to become a University, we all shared the same feeling that Father's vision for this project was being endorsed not only by Heavenly Father. His deepest desire is to establish international universities all over the world, and this seminary has been pioneering the perilous path.

Ever since I had heard of True Parents' return to Korea, I kept feeling a deep desire to see them again and would often wonder how marvelous it would be if they did indeed come here. But with time passing by, I started feeling that my hope would only remain as such. Yet I could feel great joy and gratitude for being able to work here. When the news of the promotion to university was spread, that innermost hope of mine was rekindled. Thus in the past few days I have experienced such a deep longing for True Parents. Whenever I looked at them in a picture I felt pain in my chest, so strong was the yearning for them. It was indeed last night that I thought how incredible it would be for my children to one day receive a picture of True Parents with me somewhere in it! I admit that I almost felt "ashamed" to be harboring such a longing in my heart. This morning though, when I awoke I felt that same desire surging stronger than ever. Thus I resolved to go and talk to Dr. Yoon, the President of the Seminary, with the intention of sharing my feelings with him, to thank him and to find out how to get entrance tickets for True Father's speech on Sunday morning in our church headquarters in Seoul.

The President welcomed me warmly and we talked about my responsibility while being here, which is indeed to learn Korean well and as quickly as possible. But I had to ask him how and when it would be possible for me to see True Parents, and so I did. Almost whispering, and in the most amiable way, he informed me that True Parents were on their way to Chonan and would be here soon. I simply burst into tears and cannot describe how I felt deep inside. But he simply went on asking me questions about my family, education and so forth, encouraging me to really invest everything in learning Korean.

Eventually I was dismissed and he suggested I wait for True Parents outside the main entrance. Everything around the school was hectic and everybody was preparing to welcome True Parents. While the students gathered in the chapel, staff, professors and tutors went to the main entrance. I quickly ran to my room and got my camera but the whole time I could not control my tears. I started praying to Heavenly Father asking Him to let me cry before their arrival, since my desire was to offer a joyful, grateful heart to True Parents. Around 12:30, True Parents' car pulled up and there they were! True Mother was stunningly beautiful, and just looking at them together was like breathing pure oxygen on a mountain top: breathtaking indeed!

A Close Encounter

We gathered around them on the lawn in front of the building and shortly afterward True Father asked about the Japanese students and then the tutors.

Thus we were asked to stand in front of True Parents while we were being introduced by the President of the seminary. True Father asked where we came from and I found the strength to answer him in Korean. At that point, Dr. Yoon started telling him about my studies and my determination to learn Korean and True Father said in Korean, "Very good!" and then asked me in English how old I was. I could not lift my eyes while answering for I felt the importance of that moment in the expectation that was being sealed there.

After a short while True Parents started walking toward the building and we all followed them inside. While they were checking the rooms on every floor, starting from the last floor where their apartment is located, I could walk right behind them. At times when True Father stopped suddenly, I would lightly bump into him -- pushed by the little crowd around me. I had never in my life thought that I could be so near to the Messiah. Just the thought of it makes me shiver again and fills my eyes with tears. Around two p.m., True Parents left and I could not control my tears. For a while, I felt like "life" had left with them and the feeling was crushing.

Today's experience has widened my horizons and once again I will have lots of food for my thoughts and actions in the coming months. One thing is clear to me: my turn has come to offer something special to True Parents -- it is up to me. Yet I know that it is only in God and with God that I will find the strength and wisdom to accomplish my goal in accordance to His Will.

Thank you to everyone. By the way, one of my dreams came true indeed! I am somewhere in the picture.

Korean Study

An exciting plan for the Sunghwa Theological Seminary is the establishment of a one-year Korean language program for English speakers. It is designed enable foreign students to master the basics of the Korean language in the most intensive way. The first course will start in March 1990. Questions about the program should be directed to Bernhard Han Woo Lee at the Sunghwa Theological Seminary, 55-9 Sam Yong-Dong, Chun Anshi, Chung Nam, Republic of Korea. 

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