The Words of the Watanabe Family

IFA Sunday Service December 9 2012 Rev. Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe

December 6, 2012

IFA Monthly Service, December 9, 2012 from 2 pm Shibuya HQ Church
Speaker: Rev Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe
Sermon Title: The Divinity and Humanity of Christ

We are so glad that Rev. Watanabe can speak with us again! Joined with our True Parents' movement in 1964, he became active with VOC and became a vital lecturer both in Japan and America. He served the West coast of the USA and brought many to find rebirth and God's blessing through teaching workshops and just being an older brother to many.. as he always has been to us here in IFA...

Rev. Watanabe is a graduate of Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) and he is National Messiah to St. Vincent. He is blessed to his lovely wife as a 777 couple, and they have 3 amazing children who each have received the Blessing.

He and his wife share a passion to create the Hallelujah Chorus Group. He may sing for us(if we are lucky!)

He invites you all to his annual Christmas Concert on December 16, from 2:00, at the Urawa Saitama ShiminKaikan, 8th floor.

Heavenly music and words overflowing!!

Hope you can come! 

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