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Profile: Makiko Watanabe

Kevin Thompson
April 29, 2010

Favorite movie

The most recent one is "How to Train Your Dragon." Since I had my first son, I have not been able to simply watch movies because I become so emotionally involved and start crying when watching even things like The Land Before Time or Bambi -- so I have stayed away from movies.

Most admired person

I can't think of any one person, but I do admire any parent who is raising his/her children by himself/herself because his/her spouse either passed away or is away from home because he/she is in the military or some reasons like that.

Biggest influence in my life

Probably, my teacher I had in 5th and 6th grades. I learned to be honest and 'surrender' myself through his patiently waiting, believing in me and loving while he watched me do all kinds of nasty things. I knew he was not a regular teacher then, and I even came to the point of respecting him more than my parents, for his values, integrity and love.

I kept in touch with him even when I came to America. About 6 months before I joined the Unification Church, he wrote me a letter explaining about his faith in Sokagakkai (an influential Japanese new-Buddhist movement). I was COMPLETELY shocked, for I had absolutely zero respect for religion then, but made me think: "If who he is and what has completely changed me had to do anything with religion, I'd better check this out." So I even went to visit him when I went back to Japan before I started college.

I listened to him more about explaining his faith, however, something told me that was not the 'whole' truth. About 6 weeks later, I met CARP.

I know for sure though, if it wasn't for my encounter with this teacher and his faith, I would have had hard time accepting the challenge of life of faith, and also appreciating any faith.


A good question -- enjoying good coffee? No so much time for hobby at this point in my life.

Favorite quote

"Give, and FORGET, and give again."

Nicest place visited

Any places I visit with my husband or my family are nice!

How did you come to your faith?

So, upon some spiritual foundation explained in the question #3, I met a CARP representative at Unification Church Berkeley campus one afternoon -- my 2nd week being at Cal. Their service project in Guatemala seemed interesting. I thought this might look good on my resume, since I wanted to eventually land on a job at the United Nations.

I attended 7-day workshop, but honestly I was not impressed by anything (arrogant!). The only positive comment I made was, "If there is God and we are meant to see everything from God's view point, it would be too painful for me and impossible to digest what is going on in the world."

Eventually during the 21-day workshop, I gave up and decided to pray if God existed or not. And you know what, on 3rd day when I was looking down the hill and praying, I heard a voice, "I created everything for you.." I could not deny that was from God.

So basically that is how my relationship with God started, and He also revealed me a few things about Rev. Moon in prayer as well.

What do most people not know about you that may be a surprise?

Maybe that I finally got my ears pierced, for the first time, on my birthday last year?!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Taking a more active role either within the BAFC [Bay Area Family Church] or some other local organization…

If you were suddenly given $1m what would you do with it?

Use it to start a school with my husband?!

What do you like most about BAFC?

Pastor! And families here! 

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