The Words of the Watanabe Family

Coming closer to God and True Parents

Akira Watanabe
November 21, 2009

“I was in Atlanta Georgia, as a member of Leon’s (3rd year core staff) team. The day started with a morning service entitled “Tap into God’s love”, based on Sunday service by In Jin Nim from Nov 7th. We have learned that there are three important points to inherit the True Love of God, which are 1st direction and purpose, 2nd compassion and kindness, 3rd not withholding the good. I myself tried focus on compassion. I realized how much people’s hearts are affected by this economic decline: they seem not to have enough room to care for others. It was disappointing to see this reality and discourages us to invest our heart into them. It was a very painful reality.

In the beginning I could hardly see the value of approaching them but this became a great opportunity to practice compassion. I could see how they are suffering not just because of their financial situation, but more so because of not seeing hope in their lives, as they rely on material security and do not have God in their lives. I felt sorry for them, and at the same time I felt deeply grateful that because of the faith I have received from True Parents I can maintain hope beyond the reality.

I went through incredible waves of rejection as a result of influence of reality of society, and I could feel how much God has been searching for true children who can step up and demonstrate their faith in God and willingness to fulfill His will, also how much True Parents have been searching for the ones who can respond to them. It occurred to my mind that during the time of Japanese occupation in Korea True Father was looking for the group with strong faith who were not affected by fear of Japanese authority, and how much He felt grateful to find the people who kept faith in such a horrible environment.

I felt deep compassion for God and True Parents, and I wanted to be the one who can stand up when the environment is tough and give hope to them. It was an extremely challenging experience, but going through it I discovered the diamond within the rough stone. I am so grateful to feel closer to God and True Parents’ heart. It helped me to deepen my commitment to march forward to fulfill their will.”

Thank you True Parents and In Jin Nim. 

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