The Words of the Watanabe Family

Mini Global Peace Festival in Kanagawa

Remia Martin Watanabe
October 5, 2008
Nakahara, Kawasaki city

As we count the days of the preparation for the Nov. 15 GPF Japan 2008, the Filipino Japanese Movement for Global Peace (FJMGP), is in its peak of mobilization throughout Japan. On Oct.5, three cities, namely Suzuka City in Mie Ken, Hiroshima City and Kawasaki City in Kanagawa, simultaneously held a GPF orientation.

The FJMGP Kanagawa in collaboration with the Tong Il Mo Do, The Unified Martial Arts (TIMD) and the Filipino Japanese Blessed Families Association (FJBFA) conducted a GPF orientation program last Oct. 5, 2008 at the 7th floor of Epoch Nakahara, Kawasaki city with the theme, “Creating One Global Family.” The event started at 2:00 pm and concluded at 4:30pm, where more than 200 Filipinos and 7 other nationalities participated. The 180 capacity room was filled up, people are seated on both sides of the hallway and others stood at the back of the room and outside the hall.

Ms. Philomena Asamoah from Ghana Africa, YMCA English Teacher, started the event with a very heartistic song and prayer of peace.

Mr. Agustin Granada -- FJMGP Auditor, a very supportive and cooperative officer welcomed the participants and brought their full attention to the event.

Mr. Brian Dirige -- FJMGP Public Relations Officer, explained about FJMGP and its responsibility in connection with the aims and goals of GPF. He further added that FJMGP was appointed by the GPF Japan Executive Committee to lead and unite the Filipino Community in Japan to bring and attend the GPF main event on Nov. 15. His speech was followed by a video presentation of the GPF 2008 Philippines promo.

Ms. Reiko Howe Nishi -- Vice Director, Multi Cultural Co Existence Working Committee, GPF- Japan 2008, was the main speaker. She talked about the purpose and vision of the GPF, which is to promote and implement ongoing programs that bring together people of every race, religion, nationality and culture to stand as one Global Family building a world of lasting peace.. She explained the meaning of the Four themes of GPF, mainly Service, Family, Inter-religious and Interracial harmony and cooperation; and shared an example how to achieve and carry it through in our daily lives. She warmly invited the participants to attend the main event on Nov. 15.

Mr. Kiyoshi Nishi -- President of The Biblical Study Forum for World Peace, delivered the inspirational message entitled, “Road to Peace.” You can see in him the heart of the father, firm in spirit, devotedly promoting GPF and stressed that peace must come first from the heart of every one.

Mr. Reuben Cruz -- President of FJBFA gave the closing remarks. He was so inspired that he strongly encouraged everybody to work together as one in building a world of peace. Shouting the GPF Motto “One Family Under God” with the delight of the audience shouting back “AJU”.

The event was emceed by the energetic Ms. Ma. Fe Miranda Obuchi.

The event featured a remarkable and touching performances where people enthusiastically participated by clapping, taking pictures and videos of the performers. The Teatro Kanto Organization represented by their President Ms Mari Nihei performed a very lovely Dugso, a dance from Bukidnon. Followed by the Sanpo Song of the marvelous voices of the Kanagawa Blessed Children joined in by some Tokyo and Saitama Blessed Children, around 40 of them participated. To the surprised of many, The Russian Dancers called MATRYOSHKA, entertained the audience with their very captivating Russian dance with their soft and quick movements.

You would want to move your feet and body when Mr. Nobuyuki Takanami presented a violin rendition of the songs "Can't take my eyes of you", Nada Soso and If We Hold on Together. Mr. Shinnosuke Obuchi performed a piano rendition of Richard Clayderman entitled "Triste Coeur" and "Ballad for Adeline". The SMAP's popular song entitled "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana" (You are the only Flower in the World) was sung by the lovely Japanese wives of the Filipinos. The Tong Il Mo Do headed by Mr. Robert Alcamfor delighted the audience with the performance of the Eye of the Tiger and the Form of Peace -- a martial arts ballet where 7 children joined, doing the steps and stances at their best. The audience was thoroughly entertained by the performances and satisfied by the delicious muffins and drinks prepared by the staff. The most awaited part of the event was the raffle draw where the prizes and the gifts came from the generosity of FJMGP members.

Mr. Brian Dirige and Ms. Remia Martin Watanabe awarded the certificate of appreciation to the performers and gave the CD of the GPF theme song to each of them as a token of gratitude for sharing their talents.

Ms.Reiko Nishi and Ms. Ma. Fe Miranda Obuchi awarded the certificate of Partnership to the following organizations present at that time:

Mr. Robert Alcamfor -- President, Tong Il Mo Do Philippines in Japan (TIMD)

Ms. Francisca De la Cruz -- President, Japan Association of Nuevo Ecijanos (JANE)

Mr. Rey Vasquez -- representative, United Filipinos For Peace and Advancement (UFPA) and

Mr. Reuben Cruz - President, The Filipino Japanese Blessed Families Association (FJBFA)

The GPF theme song entitled, “Where Peace Begins,” were unitedly sung by everybody, headed by the FJMGP Kanagawa members, feeling in our hearts the message of the very beautiful song of peace.

Ms. Belen Nakano -- Volunteer, Pastoral Center for Migrants, Yokohama Chapter and an active member of the Catholic Church in Kashimada concluded the event with a sincere closing prayer followed by a group picture taking, a relic of history for Kanagawa GPF -- The unity of brothers and sisters for peace.

Kanagawa event was truly a success. Richness of reflection from the participants were great. It was not only a gathering and orientation but a grand reunion of the family members as well. Thank you everyone! 

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