The Words of the Watanabe Family

Chicago Church Follow Up

Akira Watanabe
October 15, 2005


I just spoke to Mr. Ken Mowry, and he had good things to share about Bishop Wayland. The Bishop had told Mr. Mowry that the spirit of his church had been declining in the last few weeks and some of his members had stopped coming to the church; but on this Sunday, it seems they were drawn to come there by the work of spirit world after a few weeks of absence.

They were so moved by songs, testimonies, and especially the skit about the Crown of Glory, which is Father's poem from 16 years of age. At the end of the skit the STF members stood up and made a declaration of their faith, including keeping purity until marriage. I heard that was really powerful, some of the congregation came to STF members and shared their gratitude and inspiration. Even some who had lost the desire to come to the church shared that they found new inspiration to return. Young 14-16 years old boys and girls, including Bishop Wayland's own daughter Adrian, who is 16 years old, shared that they were so moved by this experience and were encouraged to keep their faith, through the many difficulties and temptations they face in the Chicago school district.

We hope that all the efforts and investment of True Parents, True Family, and Blessed Families can be harvested through the 2nd Generation so that we can ease the burden of True Parents.

Thank you.

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