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GOP Letter For Families

Alexa Ward
April 21, 2010

Dear families,

This year, the GOP program will successfully complete its 28th year educating second generation in Korean language and culture, in a residential setting in Seoul. This program was founded by our True Parents in 1982, with the motto, "Love God, love humankind, and love your country."

GOP stands for "general orientation program." It is situated in a dormitory in Seoul, on the campus of the Sun Hwa School. True Parents named the dormitory the "World Student Garden." The GOP program is one part of the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students, which has been a division of Sun Moon University since 2001.

The GOP program is currently receiving applications for the academic year, 2010 -- 2011, which will begin early in September, 2010. Mrs. Alexa Ward continues to serve as the US coordinator for this program, a position she has held for the past seven years. All four of the Ward children attended this program.

At this time the "GOP application website" is being developed by the webmaster for HSA-UWC. While the website is being developed, you may request to receive the application documents directly from Mrs. Ward, including the 18 page 2009 version of the Student Handbook, which covers all aspects of the program. You may review monthly newsletters about the program on the Family Federation website.

You may reach Mrs. Ward by email or phone.

Thank you 

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