The Words of the Ward Family

WFWP, USA 17th Anniversary National Assembly

Julia Ward
August 1, 2009

Dear WFWP Member and Friend,

We are pleased to inform you that WFWP, USA will hold its national assembly jointly in the Manhattan Center and the New Yorker Hotel, September 11-13, 2009. The theme of this year's assembly is "Raising a Generation of Peace."

One of the outcomes for this assembly is that participants will be able to articulate the connection between essential human rights and healthy family dynamics. Participants will gain skills and knowledge that will be helpful in raising the emerging generation on a family and community level.

The highlights of this assembly include:

1.) a full day of valuable and meaningful sessions;

2.) a gala celebration on Saturday evening with dinner, live music, a special ballroom exhibition by Ariana Moon and a group from Harvard University, ballroom dancing for everyone, a special presentation by Reverend In Jin Moon and a silent auction;

3.) the opportunity to attend Lovin' Life Ministries service on Sunday morning, with founder and senior pastor, Reverend In Jin Moon; and

4.) a WFWP, USA leaders meeting on Sunday afternoon.

Since the assembly opens on the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, WFWP is pleased to contribute a portion of the proceeds to a 9/11 related fund entitled the "Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund."

Invitations will be sent out early this coming week. For more information, please contact the WFWP, USA national office by email or telephone.

Thank you!! 

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