The Words of the Ward Family

Message from Women's Federation for World Peace President

Alexa Ward
March 20, 2007

Dear Blessed Families,
This is a very important message from Mrs. Ward. Please support her with all your hearts. I am writing from Kona Hawaii and Father is constantly talking about the fact that now that the Pacific Rim Era has dawned women will increasingly lead the world to peace. In fact Women will take center stage from now because they possess the most precious quality of God - the heart of a Mother.
Thank you WFWP and President Ward.
MWJ [Michael Jenkins]

To: all WFWP leaders

Dear sisters,

I have a good feeling about the current effort to extend the peace message throughout America through 12,000 events. I have been reading Rev. Jenkins communications carefully. Today I had an opportunity to speak with Jim Flynn about this condition at length. Jayne Wood and I had a good experience with one of our close contacts in the Bridgeport area. I have attached a brief report about that meeting to this email.

The peace messages have followed a course, beginning with True Father, then TP, followed by True Mother and the sons, followed by members of the third generation. Father never asks us to do anything that he and his family have not done. He opens the way. He sets the course.

Then Ambassadors for Peace were given the opportunity to read the peace messages throughout the world. What did we learn from that effort? We realized that the tour was mostly for the presenters. As they spoke the peace messages, the "word" as Rev. Jenkins stated, they became inspired and energized. The "word" came alive for them. They felt more connected to God, to TP, to our movement.

Now True Father wants us to reach out to our friends, family, and neighbors with this message, "expand our circle" as Jim explained. Rev. Jenkins explained that conditions centering on numbers have been around since biblical times. These conditions give us structure and goals. We need to add the effort of reaching out, "engaging" others with TF's words.

TF speaks of rallies and events. This condition can also be accomplished through small groups and one-on-one "readings." Hoon Dok Hae literally means a "gathering." Jim said that "investment of heart is key and central" to this effort. We can all come up with ways to quickly accomplish the numbers, but will that advance the providence? It is the investment of heart that will move our contacts to consider the contents of this message.

We are being encouraged first to bring our families together to share this message, in Jim's words, "as a foundation for the start of this condition. Find the themes that most resonate within your family. That becomes the beginning of your family outreach." On the family level we can begin to be inspired and gain confidence. Through reaching out we gain momentum and expand the circle.

There is a great deal of wisdom in this approach. Please check with your district leadership for the specifics of what constitutes an "event" or a "reading." My understanding is that when each adult family member reads the messages within the family, it counts for an event or reading. Outside the family, each time an Ambassador for Peace reads the full message, the two page version, or even a portion, it counts as an event.

The key is first to wrap our own minds and hearts around the content and then bring others into that circle. We can do that. This is our kind of work. And we can touch many through this condition.

Please join me for a conference call Monday evening, at 10 pm EST, to talk about this.

Thank you.

your sister,


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