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GOP Junior Staff Needed

Alexa Ward
July 29, 2005

Dear Leaders,

From the office of Mrs. Alexa Ward:

Attached is a memo from the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students, the Western GOP and PREP Programs. They are looking to fill four Junior Staff positions (Second Generation, 2 male, 2 female).

Please let all your families know about this great opportunity.

Thank you very much,

Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students Western GOP and PREP Programs Seoul, South Korea Openings for Junior Staff 2005/2006 Academic Year

Dear Family,

We are pleased to inform you that there are openings for four second generation young adults, two male and two female, to serve as junior staff for the Western Program of the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students, for the 2005/2006 academic year.

The following information covers goals, expectations, general duties, specific responsibilities, benefits as well as the application process.

The junior staff program is an integral part of the western program. In the 2004/2005 academic year, the western program was fortunate to have the support of five junior staff. We look forward to developing and expanding the junior staff program.

Thank you


To help second generation young adults acquire leadership skills so that they can directly shape the community in which they live. To provide support staff for the Western Program of the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students.


A junior staff member is expected to be a role model as a follower and as a leader. By leading and following by example, a junior staff member sets a positive tone and helps to create a healthy community.

Junior staff members stand in the positions of older brothers and sisters to the students, guiding them and caring for them with the heart of a sibling. They serve as liaisons between the students and the senior staff.

He or she is expected to follow, support, and promote the rules at the school and the dorm. Being a junior staff is a challenge and an honor.

A junior staff is selected on the basis of personal integrity, community respect, the ability to lead his or her peers, as well as the ability to unite with and follow the senior staff.

All applications are welcome. Priority will be given to those applicants who have some knowledge of the Korean language, as well as those applicants who can commit to this position for at least two years.

General Duties

1. Assists with new student orientation

2. Assists with assigning and monitoring student kitchen duties.

3. Assists dorm parents and assistant dorm parents with study halls and study time.

4. Assists with nightly lights out at 10:30 p.m., as well as monitoring the halls.

5. Assists with nightly curfew and making sure the the dorm is quiet and the lights are off.

6. Assists with the planning and organizing of special events.

7. Assists with disciplinary action.

8. Ensures that all dorm students are on time for dorm meetings (morning, evening, Sunday services. etc )

Other Responsibilities

A junior staff may be assigned to perform one of the following duties.

Teacher and Facilitator

Reports to the Dorm Parents


1. Guides vs. tells

2. Assists in capturing the audience's attention---important issue/dilemma.

3. Assists in exploring books such as Owning the Culture of Heart , Bold head and a Strawberry or Divine Principle say---observation

4. Assists in expanding on what it means---interpretation

5. Assists in focusing on practical use---application

6. Promotes and encourages personal evaluation and application of Unificationist values and absolutes.

7. Avoids contentious issues where there is room for a variety of interpretations and for which a young audience may not be mature enough to handle, e.g. theological doctrines; abstract methods of teaching, etc.

8. Procures resources/help for students, teachers, dorm parents, and others who counsel with students in both formal and informal settings.

9. Participates in student spiritual growth programs/activities.

10. Participates in students Followship and leadership programs.

Athletic Advisor

Reports to the Dorm Parents


1. Helps with the dorm?s athletic program.

2. Works with coaching staff for the extra-curricular sports program

3. Helps to provide resource services for the P.E. teacher and/or for the coaching staff.

4. Helps to provide input to the administration for developing the budget for extracurricular activities

5. Helps to care for and control sporting resources i.e. equipment, materials, inventories, etc.

6. Helps to provide for a safe environment for students by establishing and enforcing safety procedures.

7. Helps with sports tournaments/competitions held on site and off site.

8. Helps with scheduling and publicizing competitions in consultation with Dorm Parents

Music Advisor

Reports to the Dorm Parents


1. Serves as an information resource for music activities

2. Helps to coordinate music for special events and festivals.

3. Cooperates with school music teacher and student council music Director

4. Works with and through the Dorm parents

Office Secretary

Reports to the Dorm Parents


1. Assists with processing all correspondence for the Dorm Parents, which includes typing, filing, and other clerical projects.

2. Maintains secure storage of accounting records.

3. Helps with banking duties

4. Assists with monitoring tuition billing and receivables.

5. Assists with the design and data organization of the registration database and forms.

Heath Coordinator

Reports to the Dorm Parents


1. Coordinates annual health screening at the site.

2. Maintains medical resource lists.

3. Consults and advises Dorm Parents on matters of health concerns.

4. Assists teachers with health curriculum implementation.

5. Collects and reviews required health data from students or parents Coordinator.

6. Sends notices to students whose immunizations are not up to date.

7. Encourages good health habits and safety through normal communication channels.

8. Provides first aid to students with minor medical needs.

9. Accompanies students to the hospital when emergency medical care is required, or helps in arranging for other staff to accompany the student.

10. Makes written reports to the Dorm Parents when students are involved in accidents.

11. Provides or coordinates medical assistance for athletic tournaments.


1. Room and board

2. Pocket money

3. Subsidized Korean classes

4. Opportunity to discover Korea through various field trips

5. Volunteer work experience in youth residential care and education

6. Opportunity to develop Leadership skills.

Application Deadline: August 10, 2005

Please send your resume

Or Fax to Abdoulaye and Sybil Wone: 822 458 5004

Or mail your resume to the address below:

Abdoulaye and Sybil Wone
World Student Garden
612-1 Kuui-2 Dong Kwangjin-Gu, Seoul South Korea 143 200

If you have questions call

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