The Words of the Ward Family

Candy Blessing Strategy

Alexa Ward
October 27, 2004

Dear WFWP, USA Leaders,

I would like to share with you one strategy for fulfilling the direction for each family to give the Blessing to 1,000 people. When the direction came to Bless two million people, I realized that there were many ways to fulfill this direction. I thought deeply about several different strategies.

I realized that I wanted a plan that reflected my heart and nature. I felt the need to invest my heart in this effort as a condition for God to work. I wanted to reach people in a way that would move them.

I decided that it was important for each person to receive something in writing that conveyed the essential points of this Blessing campaign. I decided that I wanted each person to feel that they had received a gift through the Blessing. I decided it was important to be creative.

With all this in mind, I settled on a plan that involved preparing baskets of Blessed candy, with a business card stapled to each piece of candy. I chose wicker baskets and tin buckets ($3/$4 AC Moore or Michaels). I lined them with colorful tissue. I chose Brachs candy (Costco bag of assorted hard candy 500 for $7) as well as a large bag of wintergreen lifesavers. Each piece of candy is individually wrapped in a way that it can be stapled.

I purchased a box of business card sheets at Staples (75 sheets for $25). Each sheet has 10 business cards. Using a business card template in my computer, I prepared both sides. On one side I typed the True Love Pledge. On the other side, I prepared three sections. The top section contains one of the following two phrases: 1.) Bless the Family; Bless the Nation, or 2.) World Peace Blessing. The second section contains: The family is the cornerstone for securing and keeping lasting peace in the world. The third section reads: Sponsored by the Family Federation for World Peace. For more information, please contact: We made our own email address for this effort. I printed the cards in many different colors.

My daughter helped me make a sign to go on the handle of the baskets. It reads: Line 1: True Love Candies; Line 2: a little blessing for the whole family; Line 3: ENJOY !!! Each line was printed in bright colors. We folded the paper sign around the handle and stapled it above the handle. For the final touch we added some bright bows on the sides of the baskets.

For the final product, each basket holds 100 or 200 pieces of candy with attached business cards. There is a sign on the handle. Each basket is decorated with tissue paper and bows.

We decided to place these baskets in businesses where people spend some time at the counters. With this in mind we chose: 1.) Chinese and Japanese take out restaurants; 2.) Chinese Buffet; 3.) Drycleaners; 4.) Pizza takeout. Initially I made a list of five businesses. In each case our family has used the business and was known by the owner to varying degrees. We went out with the first five baskets and each business was happy to place them prominently on the counters.

In approaching the owner, I explained that I was part of an organization that was trying to help people turn as well as focus their attention on true love, marriage, and family as a way to strengthen America and build a peaceful world. I explained that the candy represented a blessing of true love. In each case they were surprised that I was not asking for a donation; and said that their customers would be pleased to have this treat. Three businesses asked me if I was going to return to refill the baskets.

We plan to check the baskets once or twice a week and refill as necessary. Each time we visit the businesses we can talk a little more about the Blessing and the campaign with the owner. This way we can fulfill the numbers and educate key individuals on a deeper level.

I am sending you, as two attachments, one sheet that contains the wording of the business cards, as well as one sheet that contains the wording of the signs. I hope this can be useful as you work with your family to find creative ways to fulfill this Blessing mandate.

Thank you
With warm regards,
Alexa Ward

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